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RAY MASSEY: China’s all-electric BYD Dolphin lands ashore

China's big challenge to the UK and other European carmakers has been in the headlines this week. And I've been driving a new...

Mangled debris from the Titan sub is hauled ashore in Canada

Mangled debris from the Titan sub is hauled ashore in Canada ten...

Warning as seaweed washed ashore in FL contains flesh-eating bacteria

Massive amounts of seaweed washed up on shore in Florida contain FLESH-EATING...

‘Alien’-like sea salps wash ashore on a Tasmanian beach as online users wonder what they are

Mysterious jelly-like 'aliens' washed up on an Australian beach spark intense speculation...

Seaweed washing ashore in Florida has high amounts FLESH EATING bacteria leaky gut syndrome

Massive amounts of seaweed are washing up along South Florida beaches, which could carry the pathogens responsible for 'leaky gut syndrome'.Known as sargassum, once...

Thousands of mysterious purple stinging jellyfish-like creatures called By The Wind Sailors wash ashore

Thousands of jellyfish-like creatures known as By-the-Wind Sailors have washed up along the beaches of Southern California.Marine biologists advise beachgoers to look but not...


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