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Advocates urge Chuck Schumer to tackle AI’s climate impact

A coalition of environmental, technology and anti-hate speech groups sent a letter Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) today demanding that the Democratic leader craft a...

EXCLUSIVE: AI’s Assessment of YOUR State Revealed! DailyMail.com Collaborates with Tech Experts to Unveil a Captivating Phrase and Photo Representing the Average US Citizen

Americans have plenty of negative opinions about artificial intelligence - but has anyone ever stopped to think: 'What do the machines think about Americans?' Polls...

Now AI’s good enough to assess your mammogram: Study finds computer-trained programme spots 20% more cancers than human radiologists

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world. Each year in the UK there are more than 55,000...

The ‘assassin’ who tried to kill the late queen exchanged more than 5,000 sexts with AI’s ‘girlfriend’

A self-proclaimed 'assassin' who tried to kill the late queen with a crossbow sent more than 5,000 sexually charged messages to an AI chatbot...

AI’s girlfriend ‘told crossbow intruder to kill Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle’

A trespasser who broke into the grounds of Windsor Castle armed with...

Kylie Minogue is going viral as she shows off her skills by mimicking AI’s voice

Kylie Minogue goes viral when she poses as a computer-generated voice reading...


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