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US slams Beijing for ‘aggressive’ move after Chinese jet comes within 400ft of American spy plane

The Pentagon has called a maneuver in which a Chinese fighter jet flew over the path of a US spy plane over the South...

Everybody needs good neighbours! These passive aggressive next-door notes are perfectly petty

Everyone needs good neighbours! These passive aggressive side notes are perfectly...

Young woman’s shock as she’s diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer at 25

Bianca Hinton was living her dream of working as a videographer and had plans to move to America when her world was turned upside...

Aggressive tick-borne virus behind death in Maine expected to become more common as climate warms

Health officials in Maine reported the first death this year from an untreatable tick-borne illness, putting Americans on alert as warm-weather outdoor activities begin.Robert...

How does YOUR dog measure up? The most aggressive breeds revealed

It's not unheard of for Rottweilers to be branded as a ruthless breed of dog.But pet owners may be surprised to know that English...

Giant Elephant Becomes Aggressive! Woman Provoking it with Fruit Gets Injured.

The elephant goes bananas! A woman is mauled by a giant...


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