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Response of Antelopes Under Climate Crisis: Adapting to Escalating Temperatures

The climate crisis is raising the temperature around the world, but in South Africa, the rise has been particularly worrisome. Wild animals that...

Adapting to Climate Change: Vintners Warn of Potential Wine Shortages | CBC Radio

The current24:11Winemakers struggle with climate changeSweltering summers and bitterly cold winters have hampered wine production in BC, with one winemaker warning that climate change...

New study on mice demonstrates how the brain empowers the acquisition of new rules which is crucial for adapting to a dynamic world with...

Being flexible and learning to adapt as the world changes is something you practice every day. Whether you run...

A National Energy Transition Authority is Required to Assist Fossil Fuel Workers in Adapting.

Australia's coal-fired power plants are leaving the electricity grid. This transition is already in full swing, like cheaper renewable...


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