'Tacky' bride is slammed for demanding guests pay for their own meals at her wedding

‘Tacky’ bride is criticized for requiring guests to pay for their own meals at her wedding, where ‘monetary gifts’ are preferred

  • TikTok user Kelli went viral after sharing a wedding invitation she had received
  • The couple told their guests that they were ‘obliged’ to pay for their own food.
  • The newlyweds also informed their loved ones that they would prefer cash over gifts.
  • Outraged viewers said ‘a wedding is not a fundraiser’ and labeled it ‘tacky’

A ‘tacky’ bride has come under fire for requiring guests to pay for their own food at her wedding.

Earlier this month, TikTok user Kelli from the US went viral when she posted a video about the invitation she received in the post.

The anonymous bride and groom opted for an elegant double-sided invitation, with one side in black and white and the other designed with gold embellishments.

After providing her guests with all the important details of the day, a note at the bottom of the card struck a chord with Kelli.

It read: ‘Please understand that you are required to pay for your own food.’

The couple opted for a fancy double-sided invitation. A message was released to the front on TikTok after the bride and groom informed their loved ones that they were “forced” to pay for their own food.

The Couple Also Made Sure To Tell Guests That

The couple also made sure to tell guests that “monetary gifts are preferred.” The video has amassed more than 825,000 views on TikTok.

But that wasn’t the only instruction in the invitation that didn’t sit well with his guest.

On the reverse side, the couple essentially asked loved ones for cash instead of traditional gifts.

They added: ‘All gifts appreciated; preferred monetary gifts.’

Urging viewers to share their thoughts on the couple’s approach, Kelli wrote, “Tell us how you really feel!”

'That'S So Tacky': Outraged Tiktok Users Criticized The Couple And Felt The Need To Remind Them Their Wedding 'Isn'T A Fundraiser'

‘That’s so tacky’: Outraged TikTok users criticized the couple and felt the need to remind them their wedding ‘isn’t a fundraiser’

Unsurprisingly, the couple’s invite was widely criticized in comments on the video, which has now been viewed by more than 825,000 people.

“If you can’t afford to have a wedding and pay for your guests, then either don’t invite as many people or just have a wedding with immediate family,” read one comment, which has racked up 6,350 likes.

Another outraged viewer wrote: ‘I swear some people get married thinking it’s a FUNDRAISER!’

“No way would I go,” said a third. ‘That’s so tacky.’

“It would be fine to pay for my own food if the invitation said no gifts,” said a fourth. “But expecting cash when guests pay for themselves is absolutely ridiculous.”

“I’ll never understand why people don’t get married within their means,” said a fifth. “Like there’s no shame in having a potluck in someone’s backyard.”

Meanwhile, a sixth said: “The word ‘forced’ should never be on any wedding invitation.”

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