Table Tennis Technique- How to Improve Your Game

Table Tennis isn’t a sport that you tend to hear much about. It isn’t as commonly played as cricket and rugby and it isn’t plastered all over the newspapers. It is, however, a lot of fun, competitive and a hugely beneficial for your physical and mental health. All you need to get started is a table tennis table, paddles, a ball (for these accessories, you really need to see Ping Pong Beast) and some great friends so what’s stopping you from taking the plunge and learning some exciting new skills. Continue reading to find out how to take the next step up and improve your table tennis technique.


Investing in a table tennis table for your home space is a great place to start. You’ll be able to practice whenever you have spare time and you’ll never have an excuse to miss a training session. Tables are available for as little as $149 and are easily stored and assembled meaning they won’t take up unnecessary space and can be discreetly hidden when not in use. You can also purchase return boards that will allow you to train independently; there really is no excuse to skip practice.


The basic skill of hitting the ball includes knowledge about it’s spin and the understanding that they way you hit the ball impacts on it’s trajectory. Taking time to practice how much spin to use for each shot will help you to complete more advanced shots and out play your opponents. Analysing each shot and amending it slightly until you have the right amount of spin will allow your body to get used to how this feels. Then, when it comes to using this technique in game play situations you’ll start picking up speed and you’ll see a vast improvement in accuracy and point averages.

Varied Serves

The best way to pick up points is to mix up your delivery. There’s no better way to catch opponents off guard than by surprising them with a different and powerful serve. There’s many to master including short backspin serve, half long serve, backhand sidespin serve and forehand high toss serve. It’s a good idea to repeatedly practise just a few of them before tackling the whole range. A good serve will make your challenger have to think about their return and the longer it takes them to mull this over the more likely you are to grab those points.

Control The Pace

It’s very easy to lose control when playing table tennis as it’s so fast paced. When you lose control, your accuracy is compromised and your time to process decisions is decreased. More often than not, the person who controls the pace will won’t the game. Most new players mix the tempo and will play some fast shots with lots of slow ones in between to give them some breathing time. If you are able to continue making accurate and powerful shots for a prolonged period of time the likelihood is that you will dominate your rival.


Table tennis is heaps of fun but it can be frustrating when all your hard work appears to be worthless. Professional players take years to acquire and master the range of demanding skills that it takes to make it in their game so don’t be hard on yourself if it takes a little time. By focusing on spin, serving and controlling the pace separately before bringing them all together you’ll have a great chance at getting a good grip on technique and vastly improving your game.