T20 World Cup: Fans turn on ‘woke’ cricket captain Pat Cummins after Australia loses to New Zealand

Australian cricket fans have savagely attacked Pat Cummins after his dismal performance in his team’s crushing defeat to New Zealand in their opening match of the T20 World Cup in Sydney.

Fans were quick to mock ‘Captain Woke’ on social media after Australia lost by 89 runs at the SCG on Saturday night with Cummins posting horror bowling figures.

‘The crossword clue has me ‘stumped’ here. 10 letters Hint: I woke up to the one I used to play cricket with,” an irritated fan wrote on Twitter.

Fans turned against Cummins after it was revealed this week that he raised concerns about major sponsor Alinta Energy and refused to appear in their promotional material.

Despite the energy giant being the team’s biggest sponsor since 2018, Cummins has declined to participate in future TV ads due to his climate record he raised with CEO Nick Hockley before it was announced that his deal. of sponsorship of 40 million dollars would only be renewed for one more year.

‘Australian cricket is not what it used to be. First the (Justin Langer) deal and now with Alinta Energy. I can’t wait for Pat to pay him back the $1.34 million he got from the IPL; what a hypocrite,” said another.

Viewers said Cummins, who drives a fossil-fueled Range Rover and flies first class around the world but sees himself as a climate warrior, was a classic case of “wake up and broke.”

Pat Cummins (pictured at the SCG on Saturday night) was the worst bowler at the Aussie and fans were quick to blame his dismal bowling numbers on his activism off the pitch.

A fan called Cummins ‘Captain Woke’ when they leveled a job at his bowling performance

‘Wake up, you’re drowning,’ said one cricket fan after the star bowler bowled 0/46 in four overs.

‘0/42… well done Pat, glad Alinta is the biggest concern for the Aussie cricket legend,’ another frustrated fan tweeted.

One commentator went so far as to call the Australian T20 team the ‘Manly Sea Eagles of world cricket’ alluding to a half-hearted attempt at inclusion by the NRL club which caused much angst for both the club and the LGBTQ+ community.

‘(The loss) serves them well (to be honest). I’m sick of complaining athletes taking the dollars and then pocketing the sponsors. I can’t stand Pat Cummins,’ an irritated fan wrote on social media.

The Test captain was criticized for his decision to go to Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley with “ethical objections” over Alinta Energy’s climate impact.

“More than ever before, you’re seeing players’ personalities, interests and passions shine through and have a little more say than maybe in the past,” Cummins boasted Tuesday.

Alinta received a dismal 2 out of 5 stars in this year’s Green Electricity Guide, due to its plan to burn coal by 2047, the local environmental damage they cause, and their ranking as Australia’s seventh biggest polluter.

“I think the most obvious things that can be seen in the mind are who we associate with. So I hope that when we think about who we want to line up with, who we want to invite to be a part of cricket, I hope the weather is a real priority,” Cummins said.

Cummins’ comments stand in stark contrast to his high-carbon lifestyle, which includes flying first class and driving luxury vehicles notorious for their environmental damage.

The Australian cricket poster boy once uploaded a photo of himself on a first-class trip despite a 2013 World Bank study finding the carbon footprint of first-class air passengers was up to seven times higher than that of economy class passengers.

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Cummins has also been photographed driving a Range Rover that the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy ranked in 2020 as one of the 12 “worst” environmental road trips due to its carbon emissions.

Penrith Pacemakers previously launched its ‘Cricket for Climate’ initiative which puts solar panels on the roofs of local cricket clubs in February this year.

Australia suffered a brutal defeat to the visiting New Zealanders who scored 200 runs at the SCG in their first game of the Men’s T20 World Cup (above)

Another questioned the test captain’s priorities after Australia lost to New Zealand by 89 runs.

2GB breakfast host Ben Fordham weighed in on the saga, saying sports and politics don’t mix.

He suggested that Cummins stick to being a world-class bowler instead of telling Cricket Australia’s marketing department how to do their job.

“The idea that the national captain is personally pressuring his boss to cancel a $40 million endorsement deal is absolutely insane,” Fordham told listeners.

One Nation NSW leader Mark Latham noted that Cummins was featured in an Alinta Energy TV advertising campaign for its call centers, where he answered a phone call while doing yoga.

‘Wasn’t Pat Cummins in the Alinta Energy ad campaign?’ captioned the ad.

Cummins (pictured December 2021) has been photographed driving a Range Rover, considered one of the most polluting SUVs in the world.

Australia’s leading fast bowler has previously been photographed enjoying the perks of flying first class and here trying out the business class beds in a Qantas A380.

The fast bowler was the second leading scorer (21) in Australia’s disastrous innings (111) on Saturday, but he was costly with the ball in hand, allowing the New Zealanders to hit 46 runs from their four overs.

Australia fell 89 runs short of New Zealand’s 3-200 after Black Caps starter Devon Conway crushed 92 no’s from 58 balls as no Australian bowler was spared in the round.

The newly appointed Test and ODI captain finished 0/46 on the ball and the worst economy (11.5) of any Australian bowler.

The early defeat means Australia will have to play first-class matches to hold on to any hope of retaining the trophy.

Earlier on Saturday, mining company Hancock Prospecting revealed that it would withdraw its support for the Diamonds national basketball team.

Ms. Rinehart’s company sponsored the team to the tune of $15 million, but withdrew when the team raised concerns about the team.

The move comes after the team raised concerns about the environmental impact of the mining company and comments made by Ms Rinehart’s father, Lang Hancock, about First Nations people in the 1980s.


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