T-Series is the first YouTube channel with 100 million subscribers

T-Series is the first YouTube channel that reaches more than 100 million subscribers after months of racing to the top.


YouTube congratulations T-Series on Twitter, telling the Bollywood channel to make room on its shelf for a new trophy – similar to the Play Buttons the company hands out to channels that reach 1 or 10 million subscribers. T-Series also thanked fans for helping the company reach the milestone. Hitting 100 million subscribers does not necessarily help the channel, but it is a point of pride.

The milestone comes after a month long fight with Felix & # 39; PewDiePie & # 39; Kjellberg to become the largest channel on YouTube. Both channels grew in the process with tens of millions of subscribers and the widespread attention gave the T-series worldwide recognition.

Kjellberg called last month to end the fight in a video in which he told how hateful the race had become. Kjellberg asked fans to stop taking the T-Series against him with the "Subscribe to PewDiePie" meme. The report came just a month after a massive shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, with 51 deaths. The shooter used the sentence & # 39; Subscribe to PewDiePie & # 39; before you enter the first mosque. Kjellberg condemned the act on Twitter and denied that the shooter used the popular phrase that many PewDiePie fans use. Yet he continued to enjoy the sentence and released a diss-track video clip with harmful language. Although Kjellberg previously defended the video by calling the jokes ironic, he later apologized for his insensitive remarks.

Their race to the top began around September 2018 and ran on YouTube for more than six months. It became one of the most controversial cultural events on the platform, with dozens of channels with constant live stream trackers of growth and the loss of each channel.

Kjellberg believed the moment his channel would reach 100 million subscribers first, and he asked his fans not to celebrate the defeat of another channel. Kjellberg told fans that the "Subscribe to PewDiePie" movement "started with love and support, so let's end it."

However, some PewDiePie fans immediately started attacking the YouTube tweet by congratulating the T-Series on the claim that the company would never do the same for him again. Kjellberg has not yet commented on the record-breaking moment of the T series.


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