T-Mobile’s new prepaid offering is a direct play for the Boost customers it sold to Dish

T-Mobile is introducing a new prepaid promotion with incentives for customers on other prepaid MVNOs to switch to Metro by T-Mobile, including a waiver of switching fees, a discount on an unlimited 5G plan and a trade-in offer for a new 5G phone. In other words, it’s doing exactly what it told regulators it wouldn’t when it took over Sprint a year ago.

The U.S. wireless market is lousy these days with 5G phone trade-in offers and 5G plan upgrades, but this one stands out for its direct pitch to entice Boost Mobile customers to T-Mobile’s prepaid brand — the same customers it’s targeting. was commissioned to Dish Network with the intention of establishing the company as a fourth wireless provider to replace Sprint. It’s also what Dish warned it could come up with in a plea to the Federal Communications Commission earlier this year.

The promotion also appears to specifically appeal to Boost customers on Sprint’s old CDMA network — a network that T-Mobile owns and operates and announced it would be shutting down on an unusually aggressive timeline. As a result, many Boost customers will require a device upgrade by January 1, 2022, which T-Mobile is happy to offer to facilitate if they switch to Metro:

“Get half your unlimited line when you switch from Boost or Cricket by bringing your phone number to Metro via T-Mobile and redeeming ANY working device for a limited time. Yes, any – even that old flip phone! “

The deal offers customers who switch and trade in a phone a two-year discount of $25 per month on an unlimited 5G plan.

T-Mobile’s track record of delivering on its Sprint merger promises is shaky at best. It failed to create jobs it said it would, and while it technically met its requirements for Dish Network, such as selling Boost and providing wholesale network services, it wasn’t exactly helpful either. This new promotion is perhaps the most obvious game yet for winning back Boost customers – the customers Dish must keep if it is to become a full-fledged carrier.