<pre><pre>T-Mobile reformulates its unlimited plans as "Magenta" and lowers the free Netflix

T-Mobile today announced that its unlimited data plans will soon be called Magenta and Magenta Plus – a change from their current brand "T-Mobile One". With the new names, some adjustments are made to how each plan works. Firstly, T-Mobile now uses a 3 GB LTE hotspot with the Magenta basic scheme. Previously, T-Mobile One was limited to 3G tethering speeds.


But there is a greater adjustment for people with family plans: T-Mobile lowers the quality of its "Netflix on Us" promotion on Magenta to the standard Netflix subscription, which is limited to standard definition quality – no HD streaming allowed – and you limited to viewing on a single device at a time. T-Mobile is square blame this change on Netflix & # 39; most recent price increases.

T-Mobile One customers can now choose to keep the standard Netflix subscription and pay an additional $ 2 each month from July. To prevent this increase, they can cancel the Netflix on Us function or switch to Magenta, which costs the same price. (One of T-Mobile's "Uncarrier" promises is that the company will never force you from a plan unless you make the change yourself.)

If you switch to Magenta Plus, you will stay at the standard Netflix level and be delivered with the earlier benefits of T-Mobile One Plus, including HD video streaming, 20 GB LTE hotspot, faster data speeds abroad and free Gogo wifi during the flight.

T-Mobile says it will launch a promotion on June 2 where the courier will do it match discounts for companies or partners you currently receive from its competitors when you make the switch. You must bring your account into a T-Mobile store to take advantage of this latest offer and discounts are limited to $ 15 for a single line or $ 30 for a family plan. But the competition is done in $ 5 increments, so there is a chance that in some circumstances T-Mobile would beat your current discount if it fell between $ 10 and $ 15.