Symptoms and Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Also known as Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction is a medical concern in males that causes them to have or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. 

Although the inability to keep an erection for a long time does not always cause concern, if it becomes a frequent issue, medical advice needs to be sought immediately. 

Typically, there are a number of reasons that affect a man’s ability to keep a firm erection. These factors include prolonged stress, depression, any underlying medical condition, or medication. 

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction:

If you are facing trouble in having an erection, following are the signs to look for before talking to your medical adviser. 

  • If you are frequently facing trouble getting an erection
  • If you are frequently facing issues keeping an erection 
  • If you are facing a reduced sexual desire

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

Erection is a sign of sexual arousal that involves a number of factors contributing individually or collectively. A man’s mind, hormones, emotional state, nervous state, muscles and blood vessels, all have a role to play in causing an erection. If any of these factors are affected in any way, this may cause a problem in getting an arousal. 

These factors are distinguished by their physical and psychological reasons. 

Physical causes

Oftentimes, the most ominous reason for erectile dysfunction is the physiological factor. If you have an underlying health issue like heart disease, clogged blood vessels, high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes or obesity, sleep disorder or low testosterone, there is a strong likelihood that any one or more than one of these reasons are the cause of erectile dysfunction in you. 

However, in some cases, substance abuse, alcoholism, surgeries, medicine, or tobacco can also be the cause of ED. 

Psychological Causes

Besides physical causes, the mental condition of a person also plays a great role in their sexual performance. A number of psychological factors may influence or interfere with your sexual desire or performance. These include depression, anxiety, stress, or any other mental condition. 


If you find yourself struggling frequently with keeping an erection, it’s time for you to assess what’s causing it in the first place, based on the factors and causes discussed above.

If the reason for your erectile dysfunction is purely psychological, you may seek therapy from a professional and try out meditation or other breathing techniques to deal with stress or anxiety. However, if the reasons are physical or physiological, you must seek medical advice. 

Alternatively, you may try some non-medicinal remedies like rhodiola rosea for ed. It’s a fragrant perennial plant that is famous for its use to treat ED. If your inability to keep an erection is caused by stress related heart damage, the use of rhodiola rosea may increase your body’s resistance to stress to deal with stressful situations better, relieving your heart from stressful pressure. 

It has also shown to improve symptoms of burnout which is typical of a chronic stress. This plant also has the ability to alleviate other signs of anxiety or stress in you, making you mentally healthy to perform sexual and prevent ED from occurring frequently.