<pre><pre>Syfy is developing a Krypton spin-off based on Lobo

The Syfy Channel will premiere tonight in the second season of its Superman-related series krypton, with a bunch of new bad guys, including a long-standing DC bad guy: Lobo. Prior to that premiere, the Syfy Channel says it is developing a spin-off series with the interstellar bounty hunter.

Like krypton, Lobo is written and produced by Cameron Welsh and contains the character that appears during this season. The violent and nasty alien bounty hunter first appeared in 1983, and appears for the first time (in the form of Glen Martin) in a live-action production with krypton.

As our reviewer Samantha Nelson noted, this new season of krypton feels like it is uninhibited after a claustrophobic first season, and that "by embracing the potential of the show's science fiction setting, krypton& # 39; s writers have the show stands out in a market full of comic book adaptations, "and that in particular, they have" nailed their image of the swaggering, hyper-violent Superman antagonist. "Syfy clearly loves the potential that character brings, at least enough to describe a possible series with him.

If this happens, this series is the newest of several extensive television universes from DC. Before that, The CW & # 39; s Arrowverse, including Arrow, Batwoman, The flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Super girl. Then there is the slate of DC Universe's TV show & # 39; s: Titans, Doom Patrol, Marsh thingand next year, Stargirl. Then of course there is the big-budget film Expanded Universe franchise, with films such as Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, Batman v Superman, and so on. With krypton and Lobo, it seems that Syfy hopes it can make an interconnected television franchise of itself.