Sydney woman breaks into Eastwood and terrifying family after leaving strange marks on home

‘Our stones were marked with symbols’: Police issue bizarre warning to family after mystery woman broke into their Sydney home and calmly said ‘I’m looking for Jenny’

  • A woman reportedly broke into a home in Sydney’s northwest using a key
  • West Ryde residents later discovered intruder had left ‘strange markings’ on walls
  • The Facebook post claims the stranger marked the house with symbols

A family found strange symbols on bricks after reporting a terrifying break-in to police and checking their home for markings.

A mysterious stranger knocked on the door of a house in West Ryde, northern Sydney, on Monday morning, before breaking into the property.

Shared in a post with the People of Eastwood Daily On the Facebook page, a woman claimed her in-laws were approached by an intruder who entered the property with a key while they were having breakfast.

‘Hey guys. I have something very scary that I had to share,” the woman wrote.

A disturbing story has surfaced on Facebook about a strange encounter with an intruder in Sydney’s northwest.

A woman claimed on Facebook (pictured) that her in-laws in West Ryde had been broken into by a stranger with a key who had left strange symbols on the property

A woman claimed on Facebook (pictured) that her in-laws in West Ryde had been broken into by a stranger with a key who had left strange symbols on the property

‘Around 8:30 this morning an intruder walked into my in-laws’ property in West Ryde. Adjacent to West Ryde Coles.’

“The lady then knocked on the door, waited 5 minutes and then left, my in-laws didn’t hear the knock then,” the post continued.

“She then came back to the property a minute later and managed to unlock the door with a key and walked in to find my in-laws in the back for breakfast.”

“My father-in-law asked who you are?” The woman posted.

The lady was calm and, looking at her phone, responded, ‘Is this your address? I’m looking for Jenny!’ and acted like this was normal.’

After her in-laws confirmed they didn’t know anyone named Jenny, the woman reportedly ran away.

A woman claimed she found 'burglary code' markings on her in-laws' home in West Ryde this week

The inexplicable markings on the outside of houses suggested they were warnings of possible criminal activity

A woman claimed to have found ‘burglary code’ markings on her in-laws’ home in West Ryde this week

The woman claims she reported the disturbing incident to the police, who then urged her to check the house for strange markings.

“To our surprise, the stones were marked with some symbols,” she posted.

In addition to her clear warning to the resident, she posted a sample of the markings left on her property – which appear to be part of a ‘break-in code’.

NSW Police have told Daily Mail Australia there are no reports of property encroachments in West Ryde.

The Daily Mail has also reached out to the woman for further comment.

Burglary codes swept the internet in 2015, suggesting that unexplained chalk marks on the outside of homes were a warning of possible criminal activity.

The phenomena called the “Da Pinchi Code” were drawn according to the phenomena to warn other would-be thieves if the house is vulnerable, who lives in the house and if there is anything worth stealing.

Reports of the so-called burglary code – which has also been debunked by the fact-checking website Snopes – spread the internet and media until police in the UK confirmed that the symbols were not cryptic messages used by criminals, but markers used by utilities.