Sydney postcode gang war: Teen, 14, stabbed in video as he is made to say ‘Cabra on top’


  • A gang of youths entered a teen’s house and repeatedly stabbed him.
  • The vicious attack was carried out at South Penrith, Sydney’s West last December
  • It is one the most disturbing attacks on Sydney’s growing postcode wars.
  • The disturbing footage shows the 14-year-old boy bleeding and being threatened by a knife.
  • Six armed masked men demande that the teen supports a certain gang.

The horrific depths of Sydney’s postcode war have been laid bare in a chilling video posted to social media showing a gang of thugs stabbing a teenager as they taunt him.

Six masked intruders, armed with a knife, baton and an iron rod, stormed the helpless 14-year-old’s South Penrith home where he lives with his mother, in December.

As they recorded the brutal assault, the thugs repeatedly stabbed him in the head, arm, and leg.

Teenagers and young men were stabbed and beat to death in the Harbour City’s turf battle by various street gangs, who are linked through their postcode.

Although these gangs do not have the same level or sophistication as other criminal players, their brutal acts of violence can be just as horrific.

Postcode gangs are well-known for posting pictures of themselves in designer clothes, expensive jewellery and weapons online.

The shocking footage shows the boy lying on his back, bloody from his injuries, while his attackers watch him.

One of the thugs was heard saying “Look at that pussy,” 

‘What? What? What?’ The boy replies that one of the men has forced him to his knees and holds a knife in a threat stance. 

The group demand the teen boy support the Cabra(matta) Boys gang as they continue to hold the blade over him.

“Say Cabra on top, lad,” the attacker sitting on his back says.

The boy replies, “Cabra on top,”  

As the victim protests that the men are not his friends, one of the gang members calls him a ‘pussy’ once more. 

Six masked men armed with a knife and a baton, stormed the South Penrith boy’s house in December.

They speed off in two getaway vehicles as the six men flee the house. They are seen driving off in CCTV footage.

After the attack, the young boy desperately calls his mother for help.

He says, “Please mom, take me to A.S.A.P., please mum. I’m shaking,”

Finally, the victim is taken to a nearby hospital where he is treated for his injuries.

Footage Of The Vicious Assault Was Recorded By One Of The Gang Members On Their Phone. It  Was Posted To Social Media. Police Have Still Not Charge Anyone Over The Attack

One of the gang gang members captured footage of the vicious attack on their phone. It  was posted to social media. Police are yet to bring anyone to trial for the attack.

One of the gang gang members captured the attack on their phone and uploaded it onto social media.

Despite the attack happening almost a year ago, and video footage being online, police have yet to charge anyone.

Detectives claim that the victim was too scared to help police locate and arrest his attackers as a teenager.

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