Sydney Metro commuters stranded after train disruptions caused morning rush chaos

Thousands of passengers remain stranded and late for work after train disruptions cause chaos during the morning rush hour

  • Sydney Metro commuters left stranded by a brown train in North Ryde
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Thousands of Sydney Metro commuters were left behind after mechanical problems in the morning peak caused chaos over the network.

It is clear that the chaos is caused by mechanical problems in a train on North Ryde, where passengers were reportedly stuck for 20 minutes in stationary trains before being told to disembark and wait for buses.

Angry commuters went to social media to vent their frustration.

& # 39; Train aborted – thousands affected, & # 39; tweeted one.


Another wrote: & # 39; Thank you Sydney Metro – no city services and no replacement buses – no help or announcements at the station that tell us where to go and you have a few hundred people waiting for already overcrowded buses – well done

More to come.

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