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Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane weather: Wild weather is not yet over


Major weather update after heavy rains and wild winds battered NSW with over 100 calls for help in last 24 hours

  • Wild weather system over the south coast of NSW
  • It is expected to head to the coast on Monday

Heavy rains and high winds have battered coastal areas in southern NSW and Sydney, with authorities continuing to monitor the situation closely as they cautiously lift a severe weather warning.

The SES received 133 calls for help in parts of the state on Sunday morning, including reports of fallen trees and branches, as well as requests to help with leaking roofs and water damage.

Flash flooding hit some roads in Sydney overnight as heavy rain fell in parts of the city.

A low pressure system is causing heavy rainfall and wild winds along the NSW south coast

The heavy rains caused the SES to warn of flash floods and landslides

The heavy rains caused the SES to warn of flash floods and landslides

At Point Perpendicular, near Nowra, about 100 millimeters of rain fell in 24 hours.

A severe weather warning for the Illawarra and south coast was lifted just before 10am on Sunday, but a low-pressure system continues to hover over the coast between Nowra and Narooma.

“The immediate threat of severe weather has passed, but the situation will continue to be monitored,” the Bureau of Meteorology said.

“Heavy rain and damaging winds remain a possibility over coastal areas through Sunday, and a severe thunderstorm warning could be issued if necessary.”

SES Deputy Commissioner Nicole Hogan said authorities will remain alert, especially over the next 24 hours when the region’s weather could quickly turn wild.

“The threat from this weather system is not over yet,” she said.

“We are still seeing rain and although it will lessen during the day, gale force winds are forecast for the coastal areas of Illawarra, Batemans and Eden.”

The SES said there was minor flooding at Canowindra early Sunday morning.

River rises have been detected on the Belubula River and Mandagery Creek.

Authorities said the weather could change soon, bringing flash floods and high winds

Authorities said the weather could change soon, bringing flash floods and high winds

Rainfall in the region could be between 80mm and 120mm in some areas, but is expected to decrease through Monday as the weather system moves offshore.

Further south, Melbourne is also facing a wet week with showers forecast through Wednesday and maximums around 20C.

Similar forecasts also apply to Canberra, Adelaide and Hobart.

To the north, clouds would diminish in Brisbane and good weather is forecast during the week with a high of 27C on Wednesday.

Darwin will be warm and sunny with maxima of up to 35C.

On the west coast, Perth has a wonderful week ahead with good weather and peaks around 20 degrees.



Sunday sunny. Maximum 23

Monday Sunny. Minimum 10 Maximum 24

Tuesday Sunny. Minimum 11 Maximum 25

Wednesday Sunny. Minimum 13 Maximum 27


Sunday Shower or two. Maximum 19

Monday Showers. Minimum 12 Maximum 21

Tuesday showers. Minimum 14 Maximum 19

Wednesday Decreasing showers. Minimum 13 Maximum 19


Sunday sunny. Maximum 17

Monday Partly cloudy. Minimum 8 Maximum 18

Tuesday showers. Minimum 11 Maximum 20

Wednesday showers. Minimum 11 Maximum 16


Sunday Cloudy. Maximum 26

Monday Sunny. Minimum 13 Maximum 25

Tuesday Sunny. Minimum 12 Maximum 26

Wednesday Mostly sunny. Minimum 14 Maximum 27


Sunday Partly cloudy. Maximum 22

Monday Partly cloudy. Minimum 11 Maximum 22

Tuesday Partly cloudy. Minimum 12 Maximum 23

Wednesday Partly cloudy. Minimum 13 Maximum 24


Sunday Mostly sunny. Maximum 21

Monday Partly cloudy. Minimum 9 Maximum 19

Tuesday One or two showers are developing. Minimum 11 Maximum 18

Wednesday Shower or two. Minimum 9 Maximum 15


Sunday Decreasing rain. Maximum 14

Monday Shower or two. Minimum 6 Maximum 18

Tuesday Partly cloudy. Minimum 5 Maximum 18

Wednesday Shower or two. Minimum 7 Maximum 16


Sunday sunny. Maximum 34

Monday Sunny. Minimum 24 Maximum 34

Tuesday Sunny. Minimum 23 Maximum 35

Wednesday Mostly sunny. Minimum 22 Maximum 35

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