Sydney Harbour party boats face crackdown on noise by rich residents in Kirribilli, Bennelong

Rich Sydneysiders are under fire for their latest war on fun as they complain about the party boats docking near their harborside mansions: ‘Want peace and quiet? Move to the field’

  • Complaints about noisy charter boats in Sydney Harbor have been on the rise recently
  • The government is reviewing the rules on party boats with speaker systems.
  • But many on social media said the remaining fun was being removed from Sydney.



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Wealthy waterfront owners are stepping up their fight against rowdy party boats in Sydney Harbor as the state government reviews the code of conduct for commercial vessels.

The popular party boats are already under strict restrictions so as not to upset Sydneysiders, but residents living along the harbor in some of Australia’s most expensive houses want them banned altogether.

Party boats are no longer allowed to play music on a speaker between midnight and 8am and are prohibited from venturing less than 200m offshore or west of the water between Kirribilli and Bennelong Point.

But some mansion owners want the ban extended throughout the day and more rules introduced to prevent boats from anchoring, which they normally would for at least part of a charter cruise.

“They shouldn’t be able to be stationary,” said Amanda Stabback, a Cremorne Point resident. Sydney Morning Herald.

The Number Of Complaints About Loud Party Boats In Sydney Harbor Has Doubled Since 2019, According To Government Data (File Image)

The number of complaints about loud party boats in Sydney Harbor has doubled since 2019, according to government data (file image)

Charter Cruises Are A Popular Attraction To Sydney, But Wealthy Waterfront Owners Said They Should Be Left Alone.

Charter Cruises Are A Popular Attraction To Sydney, But Wealthy Waterfront Owners Said They Should Be Left Alone.

Charter cruises are a popular attraction to Sydney, but wealthy waterfront owners said they should be left alone.

“We have enough space in the port to keep moving… I don’t want to sound like a wowser, but I think that would be the most reasonable answer: keep moving,” he said.

Friends of Sydney Harbour, an organized community collective of harbor residents, has long campaigned for the “control and responsible governance of party boats”.


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“The summer months in particular have caused many residents, visitors and other harbor users to object to ships mooring in peaceful coves and bays and creating excessive amplified music, for many hours, day and night,” the group said in a statement. your website.

A recent flyer from the group wanting to hear from people who ‘had a problem with noise pollution from party boats’ appeared in a petition to ‘restore peace to Taylor’s Bay’.

“The bay is a natural amphitheater with its high rock faces and bowl shape, so every sound is naturally contained and amplified,” the petition says.

But party boat captain Tim Lackey of Experience Sydney Habour Cruises said residents “just wanted to keep us from having fun.”

Lackey said the boats already had to comply with a number of noise pollution rules and he feared that some people might want to ditch the boats altogether.

Many Sydneysiders on social media spoke out against more noise rules on charter boats, saying the port was for everyone and the remaining entertainment was being removed from the city.

‘Come on, let’s make Sydney the most boring city in the world,’ said one person.

‘Sydney Harbor is a busy tourist attraction… there will be people in the harbor having a good time and that’s a good thing. If you want peace and quiet, move to the countryside,’ said another.

“The port is for everyone, the residents don’t own it, they think they own the world,” added a third, including the hashtag #nannystate.

Although some, who appeared in the minority, argued that they should not be bothered by party cruises.

“No one needs to be forced to listen to the shitty music emanating from these ships while trying to enjoy some time outdoors,” they wrote.

The government’s review of the Code of Conduct: Chartered Vessels Operating with Amplified Music Systems is ongoing.

The Nsw Government Is Conducting A Review Of The Code Of Conduct For Charter Boats With Amplified Music Systems.

The Nsw Government Is Conducting A Review Of The Code Of Conduct For Charter Boats With Amplified Music Systems.

The NSW government is conducting a review of the code of conduct for charter boats with amplified music systems.

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