Home World Sydney church stabbing: Teen accused of stabbing Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel allegedly ‘waited for livestream to start’ before launching his terror attack at Christ the Good Shepherd Church, as parents reveal horror: ‘Crazy ‘

Sydney church stabbing: Teen accused of stabbing Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel allegedly ‘waited for livestream to start’ before launching his terror attack at Christ the Good Shepherd Church, as parents reveal horror: ‘Crazy ‘

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A 16-year-old boy (pictured) has been arrested over a terror attack at a church in Sydney's west.


The parents of a teenager accused of stabbing several people in a shocking terror attack at a church are horrified and distraught by their son’s alleged actions, a family member says.

The 16-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, allegedly pounced on Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, 53, and stabbed him in the head during his sermon at Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley, in Western Sydney, approximately 7pm on Monday.

Father Isaac Royel, who serves in the Assyrian ministry at St Shimun Bar Sabbae and St Mary’s Cathedral, was among many parishioners who attempted to intervene and reportedly suffered lacerations and a shoulder wound as a result.

Parishioners said they had seen the alleged criminal wandering around the perimeter of the church before the attack and said he stood out among the regular parishioners.

“He knew the service was being broadcast live and waited for the camera to come on before the (alleged) attack,” Mary Anoya said.

Both the men and the 16-year-old boy were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, where the teenager remains under police guard.

Now a relative has revealed the family’s shock at last night’s event, describing the boy as a “quiet teenager” who “was not a terrorist or an ISIS sympathizer.”

A 16-year-old boy (pictured) has been arrested over a terror attack at a church in Sydney’s west.

The alleged attack was broadcast live on the church's YouTube page.

The alleged attack was broadcast live on the church’s YouTube page.

“His parents are scared, they didn’t know what to do or why this happened,” said the relative.

‘He’s just a kid who spends a lot of time at home but doesn’t even have a computer. I know what’s been reported about what he said, but it doesn’t fit this kid.

“He’s very quiet… He’s been looking to quit school and get a job, maybe in construction.”

The boy is one of three children. His father, a taxi driver, is a Lebanese immigrant who moved to Australia 25 years ago and the family lives in a humble house in Sydney’s southwest.

The relative said the teen’s parents live “like ordinary Australians” but became concerned on Monday when their son left home and did not return.

After the alleged stabbing attack, the relative said the boy’s father, “panicking,” had contacted him.

“They didn’t know where their son was or what was happening,” he said.

‘They are simple people, a good family, but I had to help them get information from the police about where to go.

‘As far as I knew [the teen] “He hasn’t had any problems before and the idea that he follows ISIS is crazy.”

Police were seen searching the family’s home on Tuesday, and detectives removed two large bags of evidence and a black case from the property.

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel (pictured)

Father Isaac Royel.

Bishop Emmanuel (left) and Father Royel (right) were rushed to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Relatives, who came to show their support for the boy’s parents, were seen coming and going from the property throughout the afternoon.

When contacted by Daily Mail Australia, the boy’s father passed the phone to another relative who said: “Sorry mate, they’re not in a position to talk.”

The new details come as it is revealed the boy had previously appeared in court on knife charges.

In November, he was charged with a series of offences, including possession of a knife, stalking and/or intimidation and reckless destruction or damage to property, following an incident at a Sydney train station involving three other teenagers.

He was released on bail and given a good behavior bond in January after his case was “proven”.

It is understood that he was no longer subject to any court order or supervision by the authorities at the time of the alleged attack.

Bishop Mar Mari is a respected leader of an ultra-conservative sect of Assyrian Orthodoxy who has gained thousands of followers on social media.

He gained notoriety during the pandemic when he criticized Sydney’s Covid lockdown as “mass slavery” and claimed vaccines are useless because living “normally” will increase immunity.

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb overnight called the stabbing a “terrorist incident”, and detectives investigated whether the boy had links to extremist ideologies.

Horrifying images of the alleged attack, which were broadcast live on the church channel. Youtube page, shows dozens of parishioners screaming and running to the bishop’s aid as he fell to the ground.

The boy was subsequently restrained until police arrived at the scene.

The incident sparked a riot when an angry crowd of worshipers clashed with police as they fought to gain access to the boy, who had to be separated from the crowd for his own safety.

During the furor, projectiles were thrown at officers, more than 20 police vehicles were damaged and property was stolen.

Two police officers were taken to hospital after being injured by members of the crowd who broke into “several houses to obtain weapons and throw them at the police.”

The 16-year-old was taken from the church and taken to hospital, where he underwent surgery for hand injuries suffered during the alleged attack.

He accidentally cut his finger during the alleged attack, after rumors initially spread on social media that he had been injured by vigilantes.

A New South Wales Joint Counter Terrorism Team has been established to investigate the incident, made up of members of the New South Wales Police Force, the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Security Intelligence Organization and the Counter Terrorism Commission. New South Wales Crime.

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