Suzanne Somers ‘proud’ of almost naked ‘birthday suit’ photo: ‘I was 73 and it was natural’

This is the second of three episodes in Yahoo Life’s Unashamed Suzanne Video Series of Suzanne Somers.

At age 74, Suzanne Somers is blooming: The Step-by-step alum has a great sex life with her husband, Alan Hamel, and is happy to rock short shorts when the temperature rises high enough — as it often does at her home in Palm Springs, California.

And sometimes clothes are completely optional — like when, in 2019, Hamel snapped a photo of her almost naked, crouching in some grass. Somers’ photo quickly went viral.

“To make it look like I was in the grass, I pulled my straps down and it was quite cleavage. I wasn’t naked,” she tells Yahoo Life. “I had no idea it was going viral, but it went viral because I was 73 and it was natural. I’m proud of that photo.”

In Somers’ three-part series for Yahoo Life, Unashamed Suzanne, the star shares why she’s not worried about getting older — and why she never should wants to be 24 again.

“Chronologically I am old, but I am not old,” says Somers. “Honestly, I’m looking forward to the next three decades.”

She attributes her optimistic outlook to her joy, explaining, “Whenever I feel something negative pop into my head, I push it away and replace it with something positive, something that smells like gratitude and has served me so well.”

Another way she makes sure she stays happy and healthy? By sticking to a healthy diet and avoiding processed foods — a lifestyle choice she turned to after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001.

“I eat like my life depends on it because I’ve had cancer,” she explains. “I really believe that my body and my life depend on the food I eat.”

“I have good hair and good skin and I’m not very wrinkled. And the wrinkles I have don’t bother me because I make some money at 74.”

And she also deserves to dress exactly the way she wants – regardless of what the “trolls” have to say about it.

“I like the way my body looks. I wear shorts at 74 because it’s warm where I live,” she says. “That picture of me in those shorts was a few months ago. My granddaughter stayed overnight [at the time] and she came down the stairs and said, ‘Look at us, we’re dressed exactly the same.'”

Although Somers occasionally has twins with her 25-year-old granddaughter, she has no interest in returning to that time in her life.

“If you said now, ‘Suzanne, you can be 24 again,’ I don’t think I would accept that,” she says. “I like it better now.”

After all, for Somers and Hamel these are their ‘golden years’.

“We go out, we dance, I get dressed. I wear cocktail dresses. I wear high heels,” she says. “So I don’t think life could be any better.”

And it’s more than just life in his seventies that Somers is happy with.

“I know this sounds weird, but I really love who I am,” she explains. “I really love myself.”