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Suspension of the judiciary law without reinstating the minister.. What will Netanyahu do?


With voices rising in Israel calling for an end to the controversial judicial amendments, which since the beginning of last January sparked the fire of protests in Tel Aviv, it is likely that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will acquiesce.

Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent reported, on Monday, that Netanyahu is expected to announce, in a speech he will address later today, the suspension of the “judicial reform” plan in order to conduct a comprehensive dialogue about it, without backing down from the dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who opposes this project.

This information comes as the Knesset’s Constitution Committee approved, during its meetings, the amendment of the Law for the Appointment of Judges, in the second and third readings, despite the uproar surrounding it.

The organizers of the protests against these judicial amendments called for a large demonstration in front of the Knesset building at noon.

“immediate stop”

While the security forces deployed in the vicinity of the Knesset, raising their readiness in anticipation of any disruption, the dismissed Minister of Defense arrived at the building to participate in a discussion on the security repercussions of the crisis, within the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee.

Simultaneously, the majority of Likud party ministers expressed their support for stopping these amendments, which sparked outrage in the country.

In turn, Israeli President Isaac Herzog called on the government to “immediately stop” the legislative path of the project to reform the judicial system, which divided the country for months. However, the crisis exacerbated after Netanyahu sacked the Minister of Defense who supported the suspension of the judicial reform project that the government coalition seeks to approve in Parliament.

It is noteworthy that since the fourth of last January, Israel has been experiencing one of its worst political and judicial crises, due to the controversial “judicial reform” law that the Netanyahu government adheres to, seeking to introduce radical changes to the judicial system, especially since many right-wingers in Israel believe that the court The upper class tends to the left, is elitist, and interferes greatly in political affairs, as well as giving priority to the rights of minorities over national interests in many cases.

So the government is pushing for changes that would limit the powers of this court to issue rulings against the legislative and executive branches, while giving MPs more power in appointing judges, which currently requires the approval of politicians and judges who are members of the relevant committee.

However, the opposition raged against these steps, and yesterday it reached an unprecedented level, prompting many officials to warn of a threat to Israel’s security.

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