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Survivors’ lives shattered after devastating earthquake in Afghanistan

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Five days after an earthquake killed more than 1,000 people in southeastern Afghanistan, survivors struggle to find shelter and get their lives back on track.

The earthquake killed 1,000 people and destroyed hundreds of homes. The survivors live in tents outside their damaged homes. They are also bracing for possible aftershocks.

Special correspondents from France 24 visit the village of Bariam Kheil in Paktika province, one of the worst affected areas, a few meters from the border with Pakistan.

Special correspondents from France 24 went to the Barmal district, a few meters from the border with Pakistan, in one of the worst affected villages.

Hilal Afgar lost five relatives. “The balcony collapsed. The whole village has been completely destroyed. We need help rebuilding our homes, that’s what we need most.”

Afgar and his family lost all their belongings. Like most families in the surrounding villages, they are forced to live outdoors.

A relief camp has been set up by the Taliban, where aid from local and international organizations is managed. Families were given tents. The Taliban authorities say the aid received is insufficient.

Ehsanullah Ehsan is a security officer in Barmal district. “There is an urgent need to rebuild the houses… but what is certain is that we cannot do it without the help of the international community.”

Afghanistan was already experiencing a humanitarian crisis before the natural disaster struck. Now the poor population is faced with further misery.

Without access to clean drinking water, health authorities fear the risk of cholera spreading among survivors of the deadly earthquake.


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