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Survivor of ‘Tummy Tuck Four’ affirms she journeyed across the border for her second cosmetic surgery.


An American woman who was kidnapped by a drug cartel in Mexico with three friends said she was traveling to the country for a second tummy tuck after giving birth to six children.

said Latavia McGee, 34 New York times She had received cosmetic treatment in Mexico two years before the kidnapping, and was returning with friends for a second operation as a form of “self-care”.

“It wasn’t that I was self-conscious, because I always thought I was pretty,” McGee said. “I wanted to do it, so I saved my money and went.”

McGee and her friends Eric Williams, Zendel Brown and Shade Woodard — nicknamed the “Four Tummy Tuck” — went missing trying to find a plastic surgery clinic in the border town of Matamoros in March, when they were caught in a gang-running crossfire and gunfights. She was taken after she was mistaken for drug dealers.

Williams and McKee survived after four days in captivity, and were released after the mobsters realized their mistake while Brown and Woodard were killed.

The surviving pair has since begun to detail their ordeal and reveal to them CNN The cartels tried to force them to have sex with each other while they were in captivity.

The group of Americans traveled to Matamoros in March for Latvia McGee, 34 (pictured) to have a tummy tuck when a drug cartel kidnapped them.

Eric Williams (pictured) has a leg injury and says the cartel

Eric Williams (pictured) was wounded in the leg and says the cartel “stitched” him to a table but Zindel Brown and Shade Woodard were killed

McGee told The Times that she and the friends she was traveling with were close to their siblings. Williams told CNN that they told the gangs they were related when they tried to force them to have sex with each other.

“They tried to get us to have sex with each other but we told them we were brother and sister and she was pregnant,” Williams said.

They also described moving between several gang hideouts and having to hide under the dead bodies of their friends while crossing.

Several days later, a video of the moment the group was kidnapped began circulating.

McGee says the kidnappers showed them the footage – and that’s when they realized they had captured four innocent Americans.

She said the gangster who released them told them he was American.

The couple was rescued from a safe house after four days in captivity

The couple was rescued from a safe house after four days in captivity

McGee said

McGee said that “none of them deserved” the treatment they received. She appeared after being rescued

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He said there was nothing we could do to get your two brothers back but we’re sorry, someone made the wrong call, he was high and drunk, I’m from America too.

He said, “I’m fighting with my boss until he gives in to you” and that once he leaves us, he’s going to have to leave too because they’re going to kill him.

She said they drove all night in a car under the bodies of their friends, waiting to be rescued.

“They kept asking us questions and our answers never changed, and they said, ‘We’ll give you some help,'” McGee said.

The group traveled to Matamoros for a tummy tuck. They had traveled from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for several days to get there.

Speaking of her dead friends, McGee said, “They weren’t worth it. None of us deserve that. But we are alive – we have a lot of recovery to do.

The State Department has repeatedly urged caution when traveling to Mexico.

Many countries are still under “do not travel” warnings.

Members (pictured) of the Scorpions Golf Cartel were abandoned on Matamoros Street and accused by the criminal organization of being behind the kidnapping

Members (pictured) of the Scorpions Golf Cartel were abandoned on Matamoros Street and accused by the criminal organization of being behind the kidnapping

Shade Woodard

Zindel Brown

Shade Woodard and Zindel Brown, two Americans kidnapped in Mexico, were found dead on Tuesday.

Shortly after finding the Americans, five cartel members turn themselves in to authorities, along with a letter from the gang apologizing for the kidnapping and explaining that the men had acted alone.

The message, written in Spanish, reads: “The Gulf Scorpions Group strongly condemns the events that took place last Friday, March 3, in which, unfortunately, an “innocent” working mother died and 4 American citizens were “kidnapped,” two of whom died.

It is for this reason that we have decided to hand over those directly involved and responsible for the facts who have acted at all times according to their determination and indiscipline and against the rules that the ‘CDG’ has always acted upon, while respecting the life and integrity of the cartel,” he said.

After the Americans were rescued, many wondered if their story about being in Mexico for plastic surgery was true, especially after DailyMail.com exposed their long rap sheets.

Williams had previously been busted for “distributing crack near a school”, while McGee was slapped for “unlawful conduct towards a child”, when her daughter tested positive for amphetamines.

Woodard was charged with “manufacture and possession” of drugs and pleaded guilty, while Brown was also charged with “possession of marijuana or hashish”.

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