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Surfing chicken Mrs Chook rides five waves a day at Victoria’s Ocean Grove Beach

Meet Ms. Chook – the bodysurfing chicken who catches five waves a day and makes a splash with beachgoers

  • ‘Mrs Chook’ is a chicken who has learned to surf waves
  • Owner Elaine Janes takes birds to the beach every other day
  • Chicken catches five waves per session and loves it

A bodysurfing chicken named Mrs. Chook makes a big impression on beachgoers because she catches five waves every second day.

Most chickens would cry if thrown into the ocean, but according to owner Elaine Janes, Ms. Chook developed a love for the sea during Covid lockdowns.

“You don’t rush them (chickens) out and throw them in,” Ms Janes told 9News.

“You just take them for little walks in the water.

“And next time you might go a bit further, a little slow introduction.”

Mrs. Chook gets time in the ocean every second day, catching five waves for each session

Mrs. Janes takes Mrs. Chook to Victoria’s Ocean Grove Beach, southeast of Geelong, to catch the waves.

The water chicken has become a favorite with locals and has even been featured in TikTok videos.

After a session in the surf, Ms. Chook is treated to a shower, a hot towel and sometimes even a hair dryer to make sure no feathers get tangled.

Mrs. Janes insists that Mrs. Chook loves to ride waves.

“You can’t make a cook like the water, especially the ocean, but this one has a passion,” she said.

“She has a passion for being in the water and she has a passion for bodysurfing. Just look at her face, it’s pure contentment, happiness, joy.’

Elaine Janes with her body-surfing chicken Mrs. Chook on Victoria's Ocean Grove Beach

Elaine Janes with her body-surfing chicken Mrs. Chook on Victoria’s Ocean Grove Beach