Surface Pro X teardown confirms that it is easier to repair than any other Surface or iPad

The new Surface Pro X computer from Microsoft may not have conquered the world as a Windows-on-ARM showcase, but as i fix it& # 39; S teardown, the new hardware design is groundbreaking in other ways by being much easier to repair than other surfaces.


When Microsoft announced the Surface Pro X, it marked the removable SSD, which is hidden behind a pop-up door next to the SIM card and can be easily removed by removing a single screw.

But there are many other changes that Microsoft has made here that makes the Surface Pro X easier to repair than older models (such as the Surface Pro 6). The screen is held with foam adhesive instead of the globs that almost every other tablet-style device uses. All screws are standard Torx screws, making it relatively easy to disassemble once the screen is off.

Photo: i fix it

i fix it also praises the Surface Pro X for offering a variety of modular components, especially for the USB and Surface Connect ports, which means that you can only replace a single component if something goes wrong, not the entire laptop.

On the other hand, the breakdown found that the battery is extremely difficult to remove, meaning that almost the entire laptop has to be dismantled to remove it. Since replacing batteries is one of the most common hardware repairs (especially as devices age and the batteries wear out), that is a little disappointing.

Although the screen is easier to remove than almost any other tablet, for most repairs you still have to remove it, which means that you will probably still have to take it to a repair shop for something more serious than changing the SSD.

Still, i fix it ranks Surface Pro X 6 out of 10 on its scalability, making it the most recoverable Surface tablet the company has made. It is also easier to repair than Apple's current iPad hardware. Assuming that Microsoft will continue to build new hardware in the coming years with the design language of the Surface Pro X, that recovery level is very encouraging to see.