Surface Laptop inventory dries up before Microsoft & # 039; s October 2 event

<pre><pre>Surface Laptop inventory dries up before Microsoft & # 039; s October 2 event

In case you were wondering what Microsoft had in store for its planned event on October 2, we got a better idea. The Intel Core m3 model of the Surface Laptop is no longer available via the Microsoft web store, reports Neowin.

However, this lack of availability is not simply marked as & # 39; not in stock & # 39 ;, but the option is gray and can not be selected on the page. In addition, there are more Surface Laptop color and configuration options that are out of stock.

Neowin has a handy table that shows which Surface Laptop models are and are not available. Of the 10 Surface Laptop options that you can normally choose, only half is still available for purchase.

What could this mean? Historically, retailers of technology products have a tendency to gradually reduce the stock of an existing product to make way for the next, often without explanation. That is clear, because explaining would be revealing the existence of a new product before it is finished.

We see Apple exhibiting this kind of behavior several times a year, just before a new product is announced. It is more than likely that the same thing happens here, because the Surface laptop is now a bit long in the tooth and debuted in June 2017.

So, is this confirmation of an upcoming Surface Laptop 2? No, but the timing can not be coincidental anymore. Stay informed here on October 2 to see where Microsoft makes room for.