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Superquiz and Target Time, Wednesday, March 1


Super Quiz by Harry Hollinsworth

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Find words of four letters or more. Each word must contain the middle letter and each letter is used only once. Find at least one nine-letter word. No colloquial or foreign words, capitalized nouns, apostrophes or hyphens. No verbs or plurals ending in “s”. The list of solutions is not exhaustive.

Reference source: Macquarie Dictionary.

Today’s goal: 10 words, average; 14 words, good; 19+ words, excellent

Goal time from yesterday: agio, aging, algin, align, aloin, anil, aping, gain, galling, GALLOPING, gaping, gill, glia, goaling, going, lain, lapin, ling, lino, lion, loggia, logia, login, loin, loping, nail, ngaio, nipa, noil, ogle, paging, bucket, pain, eel, palling, piano, pill, ping, pawn, common, polling, poling.

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