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Supermarket Staff Infuriated as Shoppers Leave Items in the Wrong Place on Shelves at Coles.


The single photo of a ‘lazy’ action by shoppers that enrages supermarket workers: ‘Makes me murderous’

  • Perth shopper shares image of items in wrong place
  • The “lazy” act divided customers on social media

A shopper shares his frustration with ‘lazy’ customers who don’t put their unwanted groceries back in the right place.

A photo uploaded to Reddit shows a loaf of bread and two loose bananas on a shelf between laundry detergents.

The Perth resident shared the image of the shelves at their local Coles, captioning, “Why are people doing this?”

“I don’t understand why it’s so hard to just put the items back where they were instead of dumping them in the cleaning aisle,” the customer wrote.

The Perth shopper shared an image on Reddit showing a loaf of bread and two bananas left on the shelves next to laundry products (pictured)

“I understand that some people are lazy or in a hurry, but most of the time it’s only 20 meters.”

The customer’s complaint resonated with others, with many agreeing that it was “lazy” and “self-centered” behavior.

Some furious supermarket employees also shared their experiences.

“All day, every day this happens,” one employee wrote.

“Just yesterday I found two packs of frozen fruit on a cookie display that was… NEXT TO THE FROZEN FRUIT.”

“It breaks my heart because that’s $15 thrown away and we can’t donate it or sell it.” Straight into the trash,” they said.

“I work night stuff at a Woolies and the amount of bananas I find scattered around the store is crazy,” said another employee.

“We have a box for damaged stock and it always has at least 4 bananas in it.”

Many supermarket employees shared their experiences, one of them said that they have

Many supermarket employees shared their experiences, one of them said that they have “worked in supermarkets for 10 years and this (leaving products in the wrong places) is normal” (stock image)

Many commentators agreed that the problem became particularly noticeable when people left meat or frozen foods in the wrong place, making them inedible.

“I worked in supermarkets for 10 years and this is normal,” another employee wrote.

‘The real frustration is people not returning cold/frozen items.

‘Especially if it’s something pricey like meat, especially if there’s a fridge very close by.

“And I get homicidal when someone puts a cold item on a fridge or display next to it, it takes more damn effort to do that than just put the thing in the fridge!” they said.

“It’s seriously a mission of mine to catch someone doing this and ask wtf (sic) they’re thinking.”

However, some customers disagreed, arguing that part of the supermarket staff’s job was to find and return the items.

“They have workers who will put it back,” one wrote.

“Nobody goes all the way from laundry to fruit to put back a banana.”

A social media commenter brazenly said, “Had to call bananas or washing powder. The cost of living cuts deep.’

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