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Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce rips ‘absolutely stupid’ new NFL kickoff rule on his podcast


Super Bowl champ Travis Kelce rips ‘absolutely dumb’ new NFL throwing rule on his podcast: ‘It doesn’t make the game any safer…it makes it more boring!

  • NFL believes changing kickoff rules will increase safety for its players
  • But the tweak was poorly received by some, including Travis Kelce
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NFL owners approved a new kickoff rule this week in the name of player safety, but Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is not a fan.

Under the new rule, a player can catch a kick-off anywhere in the 25-yard line for the ball to then be placed on the 25-yard line.

This is a significant change from the previous rule, where only a good reception/kneeling of a thrown ball in the end zone would result in a drive starting on 25.

And Kelce, along with his brother – Eagles offensive lineman Jason – believe the move will further deter players from returning the ball.

“I don’t think it makes the game any safer,” Travis said on his ‘New heights‘ podcast.

Travis Kelce is seen on his podcast

Travis Kelce, who won the Super Bowl with the Chiefs in February, isn’t a fan of the new rule

“I think that makes it more boring and takes a lot of the excitement out of the opening game of the game. It sucks.

“We’re getting closer and closer to removing special teams,” added Jason.

According to the NFL Network Tom Pelisserothe special teams coordinators “unanimously” opposed the change.

Still, the change will take effect at least for next season, with NFL executive vice president Jeff Miller telling reporters the league expects concussions to drop to 15%.

“We cannot sit idly by and do nothing,” he said.

NFL hopes new rule will make players safer and reduce on-field concussions

NFL hopes new rule will make players safer and reduce on-field concussions

Miller also added that the league expects the percentage of kickoffs returned to fall to just 31%, which raises the question of their usefulness at this point.

While Jason said the kickoffs would be “ceremonial”, Travis’ coach Andy Reid also denounced the rule.

“My thing is where does it end, right?” he told reporters this week.

“You don’t want to take off too many pieces and you’ll be playing flag football.”

The Chiefs begin their season on September 7 against the Lions.

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