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Sunshine Coast entrepreneur Bailey Page, 22, made $100,000 in six weeks selling wireless chargers

How a 22-year-old Australian made $100k in six weeks from a simple but essential idea he came up with on a night out with friends

  • Bailey Page, 22, is the founder of Zip Zap Chargers
  • He started the business after a night on the Sunshine Coast.
  • He advised other young entrepreneurs to just ‘give it a try’

A young Australian entrepreneur who made $100,000 in just six weeks revealed the inspiration behind starting a business selling the country’s first cordless phone charger.

Bailey Page, 22, from Queensland, is the Inventor, Founder and Director of Zip Zap Chargers, Australia’s only wireless portable charger for iPhone, AirPods and iPad.

Page’s interest in wireless chargers began in 2020 after a night out with some friends on the Sunshine Coast.

While ordering an Uber ride, his phone died, forcing him to walk home.

Mr. Page searched online for a portable wireless charger the next day, but when he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he decided to make his own.

Bailey Page, 22, (pictured) made $100,000 in six weeks after starting her own wireless charger business

The Queenslander explained that he started Zip Zap Chargers in 2020 when he was forced to walk home from a night out after his phone died while calling for an Uber.

The Queenslander explained that he started Zip Zap Chargers in 2020 when he was forced to walk home from a night out after his phone died while calling for an Uber.

The then-20-year-old used all of his savings, roughly $40,000, and worked alongside an e-commerce website maker Alibaba for nine months to develop his product.

It developed a cordless charger with a unique mount designed to secure the charger to a device, with the Zip Zap website promoting its fast innovative technology and powerful battery power bank.

Users must use a cable and wait approximately 2 hours to recharge the portable device before using it.

Mr Page started with 200 Zip Zap chargers that sold out within two weeks of launching to friends and family in August 2021.

The following month, Mr. Page was invited to promote his product in a segment on the morning show Sunrise and it sold over 1,500 units across Australia.

In six weeks, the young entrepreneur earned over $100,000 and achieved his goal of selling 2,000 chargers a year.

Mr. Page was able to grow his business despite being in his final year of a degree in Property Economics and Urban Development in Construction at Queensland University of Technology.

“Essentially, my junior year, I just had to focus on completing college while doing my studies,” Page told the outlet. mail.

“It was just a bunch of late nights and weekend work to really cover what I couldn’t do during the week when I was in college.”

Mr. Page (pictured) advised budding entrepreneurs to

Mr. Page (pictured) advised budding entrepreneurs to “give it a try” and not let their age stop them from starting their own business.

He added that there is a “negative stigma” around starting a business as a young person, but advised budding entrepreneurs to just “give it a try.”

“I said to myself, you know what? If I missed, at least I had a chance,” Page said.

“I always encourage young people to give it a try. You have to put a plan on paper. It is always good that external eyes look and give you their opinion.

“You can never fail to start and the biggest hurdle is really just getting started.”

Zip Zap Chargers was the 2022 runner-up in Generation Innovation, a program that challenges young entrepreneurs ages 15-25 to start their own businesses.

To date, the company has sold around 6,500 chargers and hopes to expand into the international market.