Sunrise reporter: Major issue with Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary

Editing fails in Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary. Sunrise reporter points out glaring errors during the Sussexes attacks on British media

A Sunrise reporter has called out an apparent editing gaffe in Harry and Meghan’s new documentary series, which premiered on Netflix on Thursday.

Sarah Greenhalgh, 7News’ European correspondent based in London, observed that several scenes featuring the Duke of Sussex criticizing the British press were illustrated by soundbites and headlines from American media outlets.

She said, summarizing the first three episodes, “It is mostly about media intrusion.”

Sunrise’s reporter has pointed out an apparent editing error in Harry and Meghan (pictured) documentary series. It premiered on Netflix Thursday. 

“And although they criticize mostly the British press, it should also be noted that many of the worst examples – some of the most obnoxious headlines or soundbites- actually come from American outlets.

Greenhalgh referred to a scene in which exiled royals were followed by American paparazzi while criticising the British press.

It comes after calls for Harry and Meghan’s royal status to be’monetised’ by ‘aggressive, unbelievable’ attacks on Britain. 

Sarah Greenhalgh (pictured), a London-based European correspondent of 7News, observed that several scenes in which the Duke and Duchess criticized the British press were illustrated using ‘headlines’ and soundbites from American media outlets. 

This comes after Meghan and Harry were called to be stripped of their royal status. They are’monetising their titles with aggressive and unbelievable attacks on Britain

Greenhalgh mentioned a scene where exiled royals were being followed by American photographers in New York City, ‘while criticising British press’. (Pictured in 2018: The Sussexes, right, with the Prince and Prince of Wales, and the late Queen Elizabeth I, at Buckingham Palace.

Harry and Meghan used their $100million deal with the streaming giant to launch fresh swipes at the Royal Family and Britain in shows being described as transatlantic ‘TV bombs’ hurled at The Firm.

The couple, who are privacy-conscious, have given Netflix a collection of photos and video of their relationship. This includes Harry’s proposal in 2017 and Harry’s visit to Heathrow VIP Lounge as he emigrated in March 2020.

The first three episodes include a series of barbs to upset his father King Charles III. Harry also claims that there is an ‘huge amount of unconscious bias’ within the Royal Family. He refers to Princess Michael wearing a Blackamoor-style offensive brooch in front his wife at Buckingham Palace. 

On Thursday, Netflix released the first volume of the six-part series. (Pictured in December 2017: The Duke & Duchess Sussex, Nottingham, England.

There is also the suggestion that the UK is more racist than the US and more obsessed about race. Meghan stated that she was not treated like a black woman until she arrived in Britain.

The show also brands the Queen’s much-loved Commonwealth ‘Empire 2.0’, while other claims are made that ‘nothing has changed’ from the UK’s colonial past, and Brexit supporters are accused of being racist and having ‘horrible views’.

Some viewers described the comments as “deeply offensive”. 

Harry said: ‘In this family sometimes your part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Unconscious bias is rampant. Unconscious bias is not the fault of anyone.

Meghan added, “Obviously now everyone knows my race because it was such an issue for me when I came to the UK.

‘Before I was not treated like a black women back then.

In the behind-closed doors Netflix series, Harry and Meghan kiss. Harry says he made decision to marry Meghan ‘with his heart’ because he is ‘his mother’s son’ and claims his wife being an American actress ‘clouded’ his family’s view of her

After quitting in 2020 as senior working royaltys due to family rifts or struggles with royal life, Harry and Meghan signed lucrative contracts with Spotify and streaming giant Spotify.

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