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Summer Tree Care Tips: How To Prepare Your Trees for Hot Weather


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Similar to us, summer isn’t kind to trees. Even in a region like California, they have to deal with several obvious and hidden threats. From heat to pests and diseases, they fall prey to several threats during summers. However, you can preserve the health of your trees against harsh weather. Mulching, watering, and tree trimming in Sacramento California, are some maintenance steps that can be taken to take care of trees during summers. 

There is arguably anything more relaxing than sitting under a tree and spending some quality time alone or with your family/friends. Now, imagine your backyard without the greenery or a tree on the verge of dying. Isn’t it an unpleasant site?

However, it doesn’t mean trees are destined to experience extreme weather conditions. They require your special attention and a little bit of care. Here are some tips by experts of tree removal in Sacramento to help you protect your trees this summer:

  • Examine Your Landscape

Everything starts with the landscape! If you dream of a lush green lawn, it is necessary to spend some time examining your trees and the landscape. Check your trees and plants for possible damage. Also, inspect if they are infected with any infections or diseases. In case you notice any kind of suspicious infection, consult a professional.

An experienced arborist decides whether the tree can be treated or you should look for services around tree trimming in Sacramento, CA. 

  • Watering and Mulching 

Summers in Sacramento can be pretty harsh for anyone, including trees. When the conditions are dry, plants and trees require more water than regular days. Ensure the trees get enough water to protect their roots. 

In addition to watering, mulching is highly recommended by experts for summers. Although mulching is usually recommended for the spring season, the beginning of summer can also be a great time for mulching. The practice not only improves the appearance of your trees but also helps control the temperature of the soil, and preserve moisture to help maintain the health of your trees. 

  • Get Rid of Unsafe Branches

Popularly known as pruning, trimming the unsafe branches is a successful tree care program. It helps ensure that your trees are in good condition. In addition, the practice of pruning makes your garden or backyard safe to access. 

Pruning is a serious task. Although removing some branches seems like an easy job, it is hectic and dangerous. If not done the right way, it may lead to damaged property or an injury to you. Instead of doing it on your own, hire professional services of tree trimming in Sacramento, California. 

  • Inspecting Trees for Pests and Diseases

Trees can fall victim to a range of diseases, and many of them arise during summers. Before and during the season, check your trees for potential diseases. Examining your trees for pests and diseases keeps you ahead of the game. In addition, checking your trees regularly helps you identify a problem before it becomes a serious issue. 

If there is something unusual with one of your trees, reach an experienced arborist. In case you have a palm tree that needs to be removed, look for services around palm tree removal in Sacramento

  • Storm Damage Preparation

If you live in an area prone to storms, it is wise to protect your trees from a potential storm. Winds and serious thunderstorms can damage your trees, which, in turn, can affect your property. You can keep your trees protected against storms by making some changes to your property. Ensure that all the trees are in good condition. Also, they must not have unsafe branches. 

In addition, hire an experienced, certified arborist who evaluates your trees’ safety and offers suggestions to keep your trees safe against thunderstorms and damaging winds. 

  • Remove Weak Limbs 

It is no secret that weak limbs won’t survive long, no matter how many hours you spend taking care of them. Before summer storms or hot weather hits your trees, make them safe for your property and people living here. Inspect your trees and look for weak limbs. If you notice them, get them removed with the help of experienced professionals. 

Hire services around tree trimming in Sacramento, California. Make sure you work with an expert tree trimming company to provide your trees with the much-needed care. 

Final Words

Summer can be extremely harsh to your trees. It provides the right conditions for pests and diseases to target trees and affect their health. Before they mess with your trees, safeguard your trees from all kinds of potential threats. Manage your trees and enjoy their benefits to beat the heat in style. 

All the best! 

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