Summer Hair Secrets: How Can Watermelons Make Your Locks More Luscious?


Summer is fast approaching – the period of tan lines, dry skin, sunspots, which can even be the “end” for your hair. This sweltering season is threatening to your tresses since the sun’s heat can cause your hair to dry, roughen and break. This crucial period calls for your favorite hair growth conditioner to take action. However, not all hair conditioning products can get the job well done (moisturize) while protecting your tresses against the threat of the hot weather. Hence, it would be a great idea to use an ingredient that can be your hair’s perfect ally during summer — the watermelon. 

Watermelons are not only mouth-watering summer fruits oozing with juiciness. They are also overflowing with nutrients and benefits for hair growth. Discover more reasons to join this watermelon hair care mania and learn how this fruit can protect your locks during summer.

Secrets to Luscious-Looking Locks: How Watermelons Can Benefit Your Hair?

In what ways can the watermelon extract help your hair survive the summer season? Below are the benefits of watermelon to achieving luscious-looking locks.

  1. It hydrates your hair in every way possible.

In a vast world of natural produce, watermelons are some of the juiciest fruits. They are made up of 92% water, making them ultra-hydrating ingredients to fight the summer heat. Even the watermelon seeds, when extracted and applied to your hair, are also packed with moisture. Hence, the watermelon’s rich moisture content makes it a powerful moisturizing contender against the sun’s heatwave.

  1. It can protect your hair against UV-ray damage.

Summer screams prolonged sun exposure to your hair and skin. However, watermelons can save you from this summer fiasco. Not only will you get hydrated, but you will also obtain a lot of nutrients with every watermelon bite that you take. To be specific, watermelon is another substantial vitamin-C source, a nutrient of high importance known to have antioxidant properties. Vitamin C from watermelons has photoprotective abilities that can prevent sun damage. Lycopene present in these juicy fruits can also serve as your hair’s natural sun protectant.

  1. It keeps your scalp’s sebum production in check.

The last thing that you’d like to have during summer is greasy hair. Various factors can affect the production of your scalp’s natural oils. You’ll surely hate it if your hair becomes extra oily. The combination of sweat and oil during summer can also pose a severe threat to your hair condition. Therefore, it would be best for your hair to benefit from a potent ingredient like watermelon that can lock in enough moisture and control the sebum production on your scalp.

  1. Its seed extract can help repair and regrow damaged hair.

Not only do watermelons get their nutrients from the fleshy parts, but they also have their seeds as their hidden gems. Watermelon seed extract contains an abundant amount of amino and fatty acids, all of which are essential in building and rebuilding your hair’s structure. Specifically, watermelon seeds contain citrulline, a type of amino acid that turns into arginine, another amino acid essential for hair follicle growth. 

Enjoy Your Summertime Without Worrying about Hair Problems.

Don’t let the scorching heat of the summer sun damage your hair and ruin your summer holiday get-up. Hence, always ensure that your hair growth products have top-tier ingredients, such as watermelon extract. Not only will this particular ingredient keep your summer hair looking luscious, but it’ll also help preserve its healthy condition amidst the heatwave. Enjoy having your bouncy summer hair by moisturizing it with a watermelon-infused conditioner and hydrating it with watermelon seed serum. These hair care secrets won’t just keep your hair perfect for summer outings; they’ll help you experience the best summer ever.