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‘Succession’ star Peter Friedman reveals his pick for Logan Roy’s successor, says some fans are “on the right track”


Peter Friedman, who plays Waystar Royco Vice Chairman Frank Vernon in HBO’s drama Successiondoes not share what will happen in Sunday night’s final.

But he reveals his own personal choice for Logan Roy’s (Brian Cox) successor: Lukas Matsson (played by Alexander Skarsgård), whose bid to take over the company has been the focus of this final season.

“I’m so enamored with what Alexander Skarsgård is doing,” Friedman told the UK outlet The protector. “His acting is so beautiful – cheerful and confident yet fearful – I would go for him. As a viewer I would say, ‘These kids can’t handle it.’ “I think Frank wishes Kendall would quit and be a musician somewhere. Please, get out of here and live a peaceful life! He just wants to see them happy, which probably isn’t going to happen.”

As the fourth – and final – season finale approaches, fan speculation has reached a fever pitch as online commentators share their theories about who will ultimately be chosen to lead the company as the show’s title finally seems to live up to its promise. to fulfill. Friedman reads those theories and says some of the fan speculation isn’t far off the mark.

“I look at Reddit sometimes and, let me tell you, people are on the right track,” he says. “The darts are all over the board, but they’ve narrowed it down to what’s actually going to happen.”

However, this season has brought some big surprises that fans didn’t see coming, including Shiv’s (Sarah Snook) pregnancy and Logan’s death. Friedman marvels that producers were able to keep everything a secret, including a funeral scene involving hundreds of cast and crew, even though fans obsessed over every detail.

“When you think about all those extras at Logan’s funeral or Connor’s (Alan Ruck) wedding, it’s amazing that nothing got leaked,” he said. “Some fans zoomed in on the funeral order online – I think Sarah had it in her hand – and it said ‘Ewan Roy'”, the brother of Logan (played by James Cromwell).

“They did indeed print some decoys to scare people off,” Friedman noted. “I even kept his death a secret from my wife until I accidentally told something funny that happened in Norway. She said, ‘Wait, is Logan dead?’”

He added that when actress Harriet Walter, who plays one of Logan’s ex-wives, Caroline Collingwood, showed up to film the episode surrounding Logan’s funeral, even she was surprised.

“She saw all the black clothes and said, ‘Who died?’ It had been kept a secret even from her,” Friedman said.

Succession airs at 9pm ET/PT on HBO and can also be streamed on Max.

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