Subway Tile Tips and Tricks – 10 Mistakes to Avoid While Tiling a Space

Laying tile isn’t the most tedious DIY venture, yet it may be evident to commit some common errors. To keep away from any setbacks while installing your subway tiles or other choice of tiles, here are the 10 useful tips and tricks to follow.

1. Mismatching the Size of Trowel

Ensure the trowel you use for the task coordinates the size of the selected kitchen subway tiles. Bigger tiles need a profound layer of thin set, so you need a trowel with profound notches. When looking for a thin set for bigger tiles ensure the set has terms, for example, large tile, medium bed, or large format on the label.

2. Cracking the Tiles

Relying upon the material they’re produced using (think porcelain), subway tiles can undoubtedly break. Too many demolished tiles can get costly and inefficient. There are a couple of precaution steps to take to diminish the quantity of split tiles. The best hardware to use when cutting tile is a diamond wet saw. When utilizing the wet saw, make a point to apply moderate, even weight so as to make an exact cut.

3. Uneven Underlayment

With the end goal for subway backsplash tiles to lay level, the tile underlayment must be introduced accurately. Vinyl tile is a decent underlayment in case it isn’t harmed. A firm base will likewise keep the tile from breaking. When the underlayment isn’t fit properly or evenly, put a 1/4-or 1/2-in. concrete board underneath the tile to develop it.

4. Laying Tiles Unevenly

When tile is spread out in a slanting example, there are exact installation steps. Initially, focus the subway kitchen tiles by adjusting the corners to a single design line. At that point, assemble the remainder of the pyramid design around that line. Utilize a straightedge to check the lines as you proceed. This will help you in staying on the track and not ending up with zig-zag structures unless that is what you want.

5. Poor Grout Use

Try not to leave the excellence of your subway tile alone eclipsed by terrible grout. Clean, well-conceded grout lines are what make the tile look incredible and help maintain it for a considerable length of time to come. However, poor grout can make your tile venture look terrible and waste of time and money.

6. Preparing Wall Improperly

Clear off all oil stains and fingerprints from the dividers before you tile them. When the walls aren’t level, the glue won’t cling to them and neither will the tiles. Make sure the surface is level and smooth before you install your marble subway tiles or other tiles.

7. Skipping the Backer Board

In case you are installing the tile in a zone with a great deal of liquid, similar to a shower or a backsplash, you have to introduce a water-resistant backer board. The board helps keep everything firm, and this keeps water from saturating little splits.

8. Untidy Caulk Lines

One of the last strides of a tile venture is caulking. Leaving untidy caulk lines between your tiles will not only look bad to the eyes but also can lead to breaks and tiles that fall off easily.

9. Missing the “Back Butter”

When working with bigger subway tiles it’s basic to back butter. Back buttering guarantees a solid bond between the tile and the surface. Likewise, ensure the thin set is blended well and afterward let it sit for 10 minutes to guarantee all the dry mix has retained the water.

10. Missing the Clean-Up

After the grout film has dried, clean away the dirt and mess with a cotton or microfiber towel or wipe. You don;t want or wipe off the grout or material behind the tile. So make sure to be gentle while cleaning your tiles at the end of the activity.