Stunning images reveal 150-FOOT-TALL ice mass & # 39; s floating through Canada & # 39; s & # 39; iceberg lane & # 39;

There have been several attempts to move icebergs to end droughts.

In 2017, the UAE had a serious water shortage and a project was set up to tow an iceberg to the region.

These plans include harvesting icebergs from Heard Island, approximately 600 miles (1000 kilometers) off the coast of mainland Antarctica.

The only details that were provided at the time were that towing would be the most likely method.

South Africa will experience its worst drought in 2018 during a century.

A renowned marine salvage master of the country also believes that dragging an iceberg may be the answer.

Nick Sloane, director of Resolve Marine, based in Cape Town, wants to drag a 1,200-mile ridge from the Antarctic Ocean to Cape Town.

He plans to do this by using a material skirt made from a specialized geotextile that would fit around the bottom of the huge piece of ice.

For this to succeed, the iceberg must have a specific size and shape, with steep sides.

Huge tankers would lead and pull the iceberg through the water and the skirt would help reduce evaporation.

A milling machine would then cut into the ice, produce a slurry and form a dish structure that speeds up the natural process, he said.

Removing the salt from the water would require huge desalination plants and a large injection of cash to build factories that can process several thousand tons.

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