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Strikes in protest against a draft pension reform in France disrupt fuel deliveries and reduce energy production


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The striking workers continued to protest against the proposed amendments to the pension system in France, disrupting fuel deliveries and reducing energy production in several locations, Thursday, March 09, 2023.

Total Energies said no fuel was being sent back from its refineries in France because of the strike.

A union representative told Reuters there had been no shipments from a refinery belonging to an ExxonMobil unit in southern France, although operations had returned to normal at Port Jerome in the northwest.

EDF data showed that the strike caused a reduction in the energy supply of 8.2 gigawatts, or 13 percent of the total production at the level of nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric power production sites.

Data from RTE, France’s electricity grid operator, showed that France does not currently import electricity, indicating that domestic supply is covering demand.

Opinion polls show that a majority of voters oppose President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to extend the legal retirement age by two years to 64, but the government says a policy change is necessary to ensure the system does not go bankrupt.

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