Stretton gunman shot dead while holding off disability support service, identified as friend shares poem

BREAKING NEWS: Gunner shot dead while holding disabled emergency service identified as friend sharing heartbreaking poem: ‘He couldn’t be the hero of his own story’

  • Gunman hides in a disability support office in southwestern Brisbane
  • It led to a six-hour siege that ended in a police shooting that killed Peter Pilkington
  • Pilkington, 48, was left homeless, with mental health issues and a drug addict
  • A friend wrote a poignant poem for the man she once knew in the wake of his death

The gunman shot dead by police after a six-hour siege has been identified as homeless Peter Pilkington, with a friend paying him a poignant tribute in a poem.

Father of three Pilkington, 48, was killed in a shootout with police after officers said he lifted his gun. He was taken to hospital in critical condition, but later died.

The shooter is said to be drug addicted and mentally ill, but his friends remembered him online as “abused, abandoned, a forgotten child.”

“Instead of blooming, that seed rotted,” wrote friend Sharon Dow in a touching tribute poem on Facebook.

“He couldn’t become the hero of his own story. We tried to help – many have over the years, but the damage was ingrained.

Dozens of emergency services, including police and ambulances, surrounded the gas station (photo)

‘In disbelief I don’t know what to say. We were shocked to hear the news yesterday. You were the center of the siege. So close to home, almost unbelievable

“A person whom many call nothing more than a thief, I hope you find some peace now somehow. Instead I will remember the boy I once knew.”

The stalemate started at around 1.20pm Monday at a disabled service facility on Compton Road in Brisbane’s Stretton, after officers responded to reports of a malfunction.

But the situation escalated and police negotiators were called in around 3 p.m. after surrounding businesses were evacuated and an exclusion zone was established.

Five members of the public were locked inside the company in a room separate from the man.

“It is alleged that the man raised his firearm at the police at around 7.30pm and was shot,” Queensland Police said in a statement on Tuesday.

The five members of the public were assessed by paramedics and made statements to the police.

No one else was injured.

The Queensland Police Ethical Standards Command is investigating, with the help of the Crime and Corruption Commission.