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Street Fighter 6 is getting new tutorials


Today, Capcom shared with us two trailers for the anticipated fighting game Street Fighter 6, which serves as a guide for the veteran character Ryu and the newcomer to the game Kimberly, and during the tutorials we learn how to play with both, whether defense or attack.

As in the previous parts of Street Fighter, Ryu’s moves and playstyle are easy to learn and master, as he has a good balance between attack and defense, and can cause damage to opponents from a distance using the famous Hadouken, counter air attacks with Shoryuken and perform some different “combats” . While Kimberly is more agile, it disorients the opponent while closing in for a quick attack.

It is noteworthy that the game Street Fighter 6 is officially coming next June 2 through home devices and PC, and we will be able to try the game before its launch, starting from May 19 to 21 during the open beta version of the game, which will offer online and local matches, and will provide 8 Experimentable characters.

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