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Street Fighter 6 brings back the ’80s (and feet)

Here come some new challengers. At the end of EVO 2022 Street Fighter V tournament, Capcom revealed two more characters coming to the roster of Street Fighter 6: Juri, the returning ‘I can fix her’ fighter, and newcomer Kimberly, an 80s-obsessed teen.

Apprentice of Guy and successor of the bushinryu tradition, Kimberly is feisty and colorful with an affinity for squirting her enemies midmatch. Although Kimberly is a teenager and Street Fighter 6 seems to be set in the current dayshe’s enamored with all things ’80s and carries with her a cassette player that some younger players probably won’t even recognize.

It’s like Capcom is aware that, in addition to the younger audience, there’s a certain subset of older ones street fighter players who rise from their creaky knees and with aching backs look at the ’80s with fondness. In that way, Kimberly is a send-up, a reminder of simpler times. In other respects, she very rudely reminds us that those happy days are so far behind us with today’s teens adopting the aesthetic because it’s quintessentially “retro.” Thanks, Capcom, for reminding me that I am old.

Kimberly joins the reveal of the character Juri, a character first introduced in Street Fighter IV. Juri arrives in flashy style with a tribute to the Akira slide that’s had a moment lately, as it used to be used for a great effect at Jordan Peele’s no. Juri seems a bit sharper than Kimberly, stomping on her enemies barefoot, emphasized in a way that would make Bob Odenkirk click “like”. It’s always nice when companies seem to embrace players’ thirst for their characters.

We’ll get a chance to see more stories from Juri and Kimberly when Street Fighter 6 will launch in 2023 on Xbox, PC and PlayStation.

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