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Strategies for classic games

There are a few games that you inevitably find yourself playing from time to time. It could be that you are killing time with relatives, find yourself on a casino night, or you just needed a break from social media and opted for this as something a little different.

Whatever game you find yourself playing, someone will have developed a strategy. These are some strategies that are employed for classic games and while they don’t guarantee success, they do pique interest. 


Some casino games are considered to have an element of skill to them, but roulette systems are a little more elusive. The popularity of online roulette has soared in recent years and now variations of the game, such as Lightning Roulette, abound, each one with its own selection of multipliers and rule twists. A couple of plans for how to decide on a bet exist, too.

With the Martingale strategy, players should up with a losing bet and reduce winning bets by half. The Paroli System is essentially the opposite, as it involves doubling your winning bets and keeping losing bets at a low stake. Martingale is a loss-averse mindset while Paroli aims to capitalize on a hot “streak” to build up chips.

These strategies aren’t proven winners and are usually for outside bets which are odd/even, red/black, high/low, columns, or dozens. If you find yourself playing a game with large multipliers such as Quantum or Lightning Roulette, make sure you check to see what type of bets are eligible for these big payouts, as some are only applied to straight-up bets, which is a bet on a single number.



Monopoly can infuriate, but with some strategy employed it needn’t be. Firstly, don’t be picky about buying property and buy everything you can in the initial stages, except the utilities as these are essentially worthless. You might be inclined to go for the orange and red properties, as these are landed on most often, but AI playing Monopoly revealed that brown and dark blue are best.

Whatever property you do get, develop houses as quickly as you can and consider trying to create a housing shortage as when all 32 houses are in play, other players won’t be able to develop their properties. Saving money for a rainy day doesn’t help as there’s no interest: you need to put that money to work and get some return on your investments

If you can, try to go first as it offers a slight statistical advantage. Buy the stations as they cost nothing to develop and can be big earners. Later in the game, if you find yourself in jail, it’s probably best to stay there and not risk a costly payout. As there are so many different versions of Monopoly available you might need to adapt accordingly, but the strategies should still apply.


A game of luck, backgammon depends on rolling good numbers, but some strategies can still be applied. The Running Game involves simply moving your checkers towards home as rapidly as possible and this is recommended if you initially have higher rolls than your opponent. If you decide to, whenever viable, land on your opponent’s checkers and send them to the bar, this is called The Blitz and could lead to some trapped checkers.

Priming involves trying to create connected points that constitute a wall that can’t be passed unless a five or six is rolled. The Blitz combined with Priming can be a winning strategy as you send checkers to the bar and your opponent wastes die rolls trying to get off. The Holding strategy involves leaving checkers to your rival’s home to create an anchor location as a safe spot to land and avert your opponent from totally Priming to defeat you. These strategies can help, but at the end of the day, poor rolls – out of your control – will result in defeat.

A few things to consider if you find yourself playing one of these classic games again and hopefully you’ll find yourself winning. 

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