Stormzy performs tracks from his latest album at an Amazon event after taking a two-year break

Stormzy took to stage to perform songs from his new album This is What I Mean at The Tuesday, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

The show was recorded by the rapper at 29 and featured a star-studded cast including Cat Burns, Gabrielle and Gabrielle. 

The star confessed last month that he was feeling overwhelmed as he returned to the music industry after a two-year break. 

Showman: Stormzy, 29, took to the stage to perform tracks from his latest album This Is What I Mean at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London on Tuesday

Stormzy wore a chic burgundy-ribbed tracksuit with matching trousers and a hoodie for the ensemble.   

He Complete the look with a pair o alabaster trainers, and an eye-catching gold watch.

Stormzy was joined on stage with Debbie, a London soul artist. They showcased their amazing vocal talents.

Star Names: The Rapper Specially Recorded The Show For Prime Video And Entertained A Star-Studded Audience Including Cat Burns And Gabrielle

Star names: The rapper specially recorded the show for Prime Video and entertained a star-studded audience including Cat Burns and Gabrielle

Stylish: Stormzy Donned A Stylish Burgundy Ribbed Tracksuit For The Set, Which Boasted A Hoodie And Matching Trousers

Stylish: Stormzy donned a stylish burgundy ribbed tracksuit for the set, which boasted a hoodie and matching trousers

He then sat down with DJ Jazzie B and broadcaster Julie Adenuga for an onstage discussion about his latest record.  

Speaking to Louis Theroux on his new interview series, the rapper explained he ‘cried’ because he felt ‘super depressed’ while trying to become the best artist. 

The platinum-selling star quit social media at the beginning of 2020 and stopped giving interviews. 

Snazzy: He Completed The Look With A Pair Of Alabaster Trainers Along With An Eye-Popping Gold Watch

Snazzy: He The look was completed with a pair alabaster trainers and a striking gold watch.

Honesty: Last Month The Star Admitted He Felt 'Overwhelmed' As He Returns To Music Industry After A Two Year Break

Honesty: Last month the star admitted he felt ‘overwhelmed’ as he returns to music industry after a two year break

Talent: Stormzy Was Joined On Stage By London Soul Singer Debbie (Right) And The Duo Showcased Their Incredible Vocal Skills

Talent: Stormzy was joined on stage by London soul singer Debbie (right) and the duo showcased their incredible vocal skills 

Louis was interviewed by him and he said: “I just felt overwhelmed. I feel like I can’t handle it.” 

“I’d sometimes just crash out and get so depressed or withdrawing and reclusive that I just disappeared – I’d just stay home and smoke lots of marijuana.

According to The MirrorHe said that he had a period of time when he wasn’t in his ‘best mind space’. It was because he was trying balance being the greatest artist with his family life, and trying to be a role-model in his community.

Hitmaker: He Grasped The Microphone Passionately And Belted Out Tracks From His Latest Album

Band: He Was Joined On Stage By A Full Band

Hitmaker: He Passionately grasped the microphone and belted tracks from his latest album 

Chinwag: He Then Sat Down With Dj Jazzie B (Centre) And Broadcaster Julie Adenuga (Right) For An Onstage Discussion About His Latest Record

Chinwag: He After that, Jazzie B (right), and Julie Adenuga (left), sat down for an onstage conversation about his latest album.

Beaming: He Couldn'T Wipe The Smile Off His Face As He Took A Break For A Chat On Stage

Beaming: He couldn’t keep his smile from falling off as he stopped for a chat on stage 

“I felt overwhelmed. That was something new for me.” He said that he would collapse, because it was so heavy.

Elsewhere in the interview, Stormzy reflected on his painful split from his ex-girlfriend Maya Jama.

The rapper acknowledged making mistakes in their four-year relationship, but he said he has grown since then. 

Stunner: Radio Dj Yinka Bokinni Showcased Her Incredible Curves In A Grey Dress Which She Teamed With A Suede Aviator Jacket

Stunner: Radio DJ Yinka Bokinni showcased her incredible curves in a grey dress which she teamed with a suede aviator jacket 

Keeping It Casual: Cat Burns Opted For An All Black Ensemble

Chic: Singer Gabrielle Pictured

It’s casual: Gabrielle (right) and Cat Burns (left), in an all-black ensemble 

Chic: The Hitmaker Looked Chic In A Long Black Coat With Leather Panels

Chic: The hitmaker was stylish in a long, black coat with leather panels 

Stormzy and Stormzy split in 2019 but have maintained friendship despite Stormzy having previously admitted to being ‘disrespectful’ and ‘inconsiderate’ towards Stormzy. 

Get exclusive quotes from The SunLouis, 52 years old, heard the candid confessions of the musician and admitted that he had learnt some hard lessons from their split.

Stormzy hints at a mistake he made in his four-year marriage to Maya and says he doesn’t want to make it again.

In Attendance: (L-R) Wretch 32 And Harry Pinero

Attended: Harry Pinero and Wretch 32

Stylish: British Rapper Wretch 32 Commanded Attention In A Bright Graphic Print Fleece

Wretch 32, a British rapper, was stylish in a brightly printed fleece with graphic print. 

Effortless: Ella Eyre Looked Effortlessly Stylish In A Tan Tank Top And Matching Combat Trousers

Ella Eyre looked effortless in a tan tanktop and matching combat trousers. 

Natural: She Let Her Blonde Tresses Tumble In Natural Curls And Accessorised With Gold Jewellery

Natural: Her blonde locks were naturally curled and she accessorized with gold jewellery. 

They were a notoriously private couple who dated for four decades, but they are said to have split up in 2019 to concentrate on their careers.

MailOnline was informed by Maya representatives that the rapper has split. The Radio 1 DJ claimed to have moved out of Maya’s house.

MailOnline received a statement from Maya’s representative confirming that their relationship was over and that Maya had split with Stormzy. 

It’s not the first time that Stormzy has spoke of his relationship with Maya, having  declared that he still loves her ‘wholeheartedly’ and wants to marry and have children with his ex-girlfriend in the future. 

Exes: Stormzy And Maya Jama, Who Split In 2019, Are Reportedly Giving Their Relationship Another Go (Pictured Together In 2018)

Exes: Stormzy & Maya Jama split in 2019 and are said to be rekindling their relationship (pictured together in 2018.)

He said that he had ‘never loved anybody as I’ve loved them’ in a YouTube interview with Charlamagne the God.

‘She’s a f***ing G, bro,’ the grime star said of his ex. “I love her completely. I have never loved someone as much as she has.  

The radio host asked if he thought the pair could ever reconcile, to which he responded: ‘I would love for that to happen but I don’t know… 

“I would love for her to have the man she needs. I would love all the things that make this possible. I want to marry her and have her children. 

The couple dated previously between 2015 and 2019, and now they are said to be returning to romance. 

Stormzy’s performance on This is What I Mean will be on Prime Video, Amazon Music UK channel and Twice at 7pm on November 30 

Emotional: Speaking To Louis Theroux On His New Interview Series, The Rapper He Explained He 'Cried' Because He Felt 'Super Depressed' While Trying To Become The Best Artist

Emotional: Louis Theroux, a rapper, explained to Louis Theroux that he cried while trying to become the greatest artist.

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