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Stormy Daniels says her phone records are going to HURT Trump after she gave them to her attorney


Stormy Daniels Says Her Phone Records WILL HARM Trump After He Turned Them Over To His Lawyer, Insisting She’ll Get The Last Laugh

  • Daniels spoke to prosecutors last week as Trump’s indictment loomed.
  • He also said he provided phone records to his attorney on Wednesday.
  • The details emerged as New York remains on a razor’s edge awaiting the grand jury.

Porn star Stormy Daniels teases that the private information contained in her personal phone records could provide damaging information about former President Donald Trump, who is facing possible impeachment in Manhattan.

Daniels, who regularly uses Twitter to spar with her critics, responded to a post by a Twitter user that flagged a 2018 letter from Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen denying he had received a refund for payments to the porn star, who claimed she had an affair with Trump. .

That letter contradicts statements Cohen has made publicly since the ‘quiet money’ deal with Trump was made public. The poster asked him if he was “still having the laugh” and said that he had “stopped obsessively tweeting” about Trump, adding: “I’m sure he’s getting the last laugh.”

“I’m sure I will,” she replied. ‘I’ve been handing over phone records to my lawyer today (they’re going to hurt!) and planning spring break activities with my son. It was a wonderful day,’ she said, including a smiley face emoji.

The post came on a day a grand jury expected to convene was sent home, presumably putting an end to the possibility of an indictment of Trump this week.

Stormy Daniels frequently spars with critics on social media. On Thursday, she told a user that she had given phone records to her attorney and hinted that she would harm Trump.

Daniels said his phone records

Daniels said his phone records are ‘going to hurt’

Trump had predicted that he would be arrested on Tuesday, setting off a whirlwind of speculation and media attention in New York.

Daniels has not appeared before the grand jury, although Cohen has appeared several times.

Trump repeatedly denied his claims of a 2006 sexual affair, though he acknowledged that he repaid Cohen the $130,000 he gave him weeks before the November 2020 election.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is believed to be investigating a case that Trump’s company misreported the payment as legal expenses.

New York remains on a knife edge as it waits for a grand jury to finish hearing the evidence and decide whether to indict.

On Wednesday and Thursday, news broke that the grand jury would not be hearing evidence in the case for the rest of the week, prompting speculation that Bragg was struggling to convince the jury of his case.

They’re having trouble convincing the jury to buy the case. It is a weak case and it has caused divisions in the prosecutor’s office,” a source said.

He posted online after a 2018 document appeared to undermine star witness for the prosecution Michael Cohen.

He posted online after a 2018 document appeared to undermine star witness for the prosecution Michael Cohen.

Other reports suggested that the district attorney’s office may be contemplating a change in strategy.

The grand jury meets on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, but adjournments are not unusual and jurors are cautioned to expect last-minute changes.

Either way, it leaves the nation on a cliffhanger.

Meanwhile, Bragg has hit back at Republicans for demanding testimony about his handling of the case.

The Republican chairs of three House committees sent a letter to Bragg on Monday seeking information about his role in the case.

In his response, Bragg’s legal counsel described the request as an “illegal incursion into New York sovereignty.”

“The letter only came after Donald Trump created a false expectation that he would be arrested the next day and was reportedly urged by his lawyers to intervene,” Leslie Dubeck wrote in the letter. “None of the facts is a legitimate basis for the congressional investigation.”

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