Steve Ballmer is still very hyped

Steve Ballmer loves two things: the Los Angeles Clippers and screams.


A press conference earlier today allowed the former Microsoft CEO and current chairman of LA & # 39; s second favorite NBA team to celebrate both. Ballmer officially welcomed Kawhi Leonard, the NBA & # 39; s most wanted player and the man who helped lead it Toronto Raptors to their first ever NBA championship earlier this year, and Paul George to the Clippers.

As seen in the clip below, Ballmer was important today. He could barely stand his speech before he howled and pumped his arms into the air.

"I have these notes, but I just got fired to be here today," Ballmer shouted to the podium, pointing excitedly at Kawhi. "It's pretty cool. Pretty cool! Woo!"

Ballmer & # 39; s energy and impressive ability to yaw is well known in the technical industry. He made many a Microsoft press conference fun and terrifying when he led the company, stepped onto the podium, cheering exciting new software developments and sweat visibly through his shirts. His enthusiasm is contagious! It's fun! It even caused Bill Gates to do a little on stage!

That enthusiasm has not always been transferred to the NBA, but the spectators at today's press conference loved it. Especially Kawhi, who is best known as a stoic person. Even he smiled at Ballmer & # 39; s extreme vocal enthusiasm. In some ways, Ballmer & # 39; s honking and yelling from the sidelines must feel natural to Kawhi, who spent this last season dealing with Drake & # 39; s own intense emotions.

Drake and Ballmer have similar energies, and we should all be for it.


Ballmer has a pretty good reason to feel hyped and excited. Kawhi is one of the most impressive basketball players who has attracted the attention of the competition since a young LeBron James. His move to the Los Angeles Clippers allegedly settled the forward $ 142 million – the highest amount he could have earned. He also orchestrated a deal that included bringing Paul George from Oklahoma City, another excellent player, for the Clippers.

It is a good time to be Kawhi Leonard. It's an even better time to be Steve Ballmer. And if all Drake's moments captured in this season's GIF form have something to offer, Ballmer & # 39; s excitement about Leonard might make him the most entertaining person on the sidelines next year.

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