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Step into the world of Star Trek: Explore every Starship Enterprise with ease through this website.


Gene Roddenberry, the mastermind behind Star Trek, may have left us physically, but his legacy is being kept alive through digitization of his archive. The latest addition is a website that allows you to fully experience almost every Enterprise bridge.

Note: This article contains no spoilers, but the website discussed does contain one for Star Trek: Picard.

The website, currently not very user-friendly or mobile-responsive, can be accessed by visiting roddenberry.x.io, clicking on Bridge View, and choosing your favorite ship. When you see the “Click Anywhere to Continue” message, you can click on the window and use your desktop’s keyboard and mouse to walk around the bridge, sit in the captain’s chair or helm, explore Picard’s ready room, use the turbolift, and inspect panels. The interactive displays feature blinking panels, labeled LCARS buttons, and moving UI elements.

Experience the Kelvin Timeline bridge.
Screenshot by Sean Hollister / The Verge

What’s more, every single Enterprise, including those from the Kelvin Timeline and Mirror Universe, with Spock’s infamous goatee, are represented in some way on the website. Even if a few bridges, like those from the Alternate Future Enterprise and Enterprise-E’s slight modifications for Star Trek: Nemesis, don’t have bridge views, visitors can still explore the U.S.S. Voyager’s bridge. The displays are fully decked out with flashing panels, revealing LCARS buttons, and moving UI elements.

Inspect the LCARS buttons.Legendary UI designer Mike Okuda assisted with the project.
Screenshot by Sean Hollister / The Verge

This incredible collection of digitized bridges is the result of the partnership between the Roddenberry Archive and OTOY, which also released a series of videos this week. In these videos, Star Trek luminaries like John de Lancie (Q) explore Enterprise bridges, while William Shatner will offer up an hours-long testimonial for the archives. Additionally, the voice of Majel Roddenberry, who played several roles, including the ship’s computer, will be added to the archive “in the coming months.”

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