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His radio show “Rit Parade” on the italian network Radio Cusano Campus has a great number of followers in Italy and abroad.

Stefano Cilio is not only a diamond music producer, but also an appreciated radio speaker and host of the popular show “Rit Parade”, airing on Radio Cusano Campus every Sunday. As the name suggests the program is a hit parade show, a top 30 chart, but unlike other charts it considers all forms of music listening and fruition: download, radio airplay, streaming (obviously), music video visualizations and identification (read how many times a song gets shazammed).

The chart is considered official by italian music authorities and it is hosted weekly in its graphic form by italian number one music website Rockol. “Rit Parade” was aired by many important radio stations, Radio Italia Anni 60 and Bluradio just to say two of them, but in the last yeat it found its natural habitat inside a top italian player, Radio Cusano Campus, a university radio that airs all over Italy from North to South: Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Bologna, Naples, Bari, Palermo to say the least.

“Rit Parade” is a two hour show that countdowns italian most popular songs from number 30 to number 1, indicating new entries and position changes since the week before, and it is a very lovable program in which music is the main character. Cilio seems to be an avid listener himself, he talks the needful with a peaceful and effective style, never exaggerating with tones and times. He is the perfect observer, he lets the music flow and makes insertions between songs staying in the flow itself. He never seems to be the “primadonna” of the show and maybe this is the main reason for his success. All episodes are in podcast at his website www.stefanocilio.com for listeners who couldn’t stay a week without “Rit Parade”.

“Rit Parade” has also been joined by spin-off program “Rit Parade Day By Day”, airing from Monday to Friday night and playing all songs involved in the chart but also songs from the past and potential new entries of the future. A good choice that allows listeners to check out new charts but also old records, in which Cilio is number 1 of them all, being a well-known statistician as well. In fact he wrote a book named “Mezzo Secolo di Ritornelli” (translation: half century of refrains) which is considered the bible of music archives in Italy: from 1960 on he listed all songs ranked in italian top 10, being the first one to collect all available data in a pop book full of interesting notes and stories about songs.

Stefano Cilio is also very popular on social networks, Instagram first where he has more than 200.000 followers (www.instagram.com/mezzosecolodiritornelli). He always involves his fans in stories with spoilers of the next shows, celebrating with them also his music milestones. Recently he has been awarded by IFPI with the plaque of diamond producer, since he won 10+ platinum records with his signature songs “Breathless”, “Glance” and “Tonight”. Music and radio, radio and music, welcome to Stefano Cilio’s world.

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