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Steelers sign wide receiver Allen Robinson.


Wide receiver Allen Robinson has a new home! In action for the Los Angeles Rams last year, the pass recipient will be chasing touchdowns for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the coming NFL season.

According to consistent reports from several NFL insiders, including Adam Schefter, the Steelers and the Rams have agreed on a trade. The Steelers get Allen Robinson, and both teams will swap their seventh-round picks in the upcoming draft. The Steelers now pick at position 251, the Rams take over the Steelers pick at number 234.

In addition, the Rams will continue to pay $10.25 million of Robinson’s salary for the upcoming season, while the Steelers only have to make $5 million.

The Rams remain true to their lineage and appear to be geared towards driving 2024 cap space as high as possible. Because especially with a view to the 2024 season, the Robinson deal makes sense on the financial side. There you save almost 18 million dollars in cap space.

The Superbowl winner of 2022 continues to drive the upheaval. Previously, top performers such as cornerback Jalen Ramsey and linebacker Bobby Wagner had already parted ways.

With all of these moves, the Rams have already built a very solid financial foundation for next year. The Rams currently have around $75 million in cap space in 2024, as well as eleven picks in the draft.

The end of a misunderstanding

The departure of Allen Robinson is financially only in the coming year, but in sporting terms it is already the final end of a misunderstanding.

Allen Robinson came to Los Angeles from the Chicago Bears last year with the recommendation of two really strong seasons and a moderate season under bad circumstances.

There he was to become the next piece of the puzzle for the then reigning Superbowl champion and, as a large, physical receiver, contrasted with Cooper Kupp.

However, by the end of the season, Robinson had only ten appearances, in which he had 339 yards and three touchdowns.

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