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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Steam introduces a new feature; a cloud-based notepad you can pin while playing your game.


Valve has just shipped a huge UI overhaul to Steam’s In-Game Overlay in the Steam Beta, among other fresh coats of paint. It also comes with one particularly awesome idea: a traveling notepad. Read More

The new Notes app from Valve automatically pops up the correct file that corresponds to each game you play, and can be overlayed on top of your game so it’s visible while you play. It also automatically syncs from PC to PC via the cloud and works offline too.

Valve’s new update to the Steam Beta allows you to pin newly summoned windows such as Guides, Discussions, and the Steam web browser atop a game with adjustable opacity. Additionally, you can even watch video while playing a game using that browser. Read More

The Steam Beta brings minor UI tweaks along with a new Game Overview, a revamped notifications tab, and screenshot manager. Valve also rolled out optional hardware acceleration for the Linux version of Steam, and Mac users can expect it soon. Read More

Valve says that changes across Steam Desktop, Big Picture Mode, and Steam Deck are being shipped simultaneously. However, the Deck only has these changes in its Linux desktop mode as of today. Valve confirms that features like the Notes mode will be coming to the Deck gaming mode later too. Read More

To see any of these new changes, you will need to opt into a Steam Beta until Valve adds these to a stable release. Read More

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