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Steam: How many bad buys have you made and what were they? – WhatsNew2Day


Many of you probably know the feeling of a bad buy: Not trying on a piece of clothing and taking it with you, grabbing the wrong food on the shelf, picking up the wrong screw in the hardware store – many of you will certainly find yourself in one of these examples. Bad purchases are annoying. Instead of the longed-for feeling of happiness about material things, anger and disappointment spread.

This also applies to video games. Especially with pre-orders and purchases fresh for the release, there is a high risk that the end product will not be convincing. Be it due to technical problems, a tricky control or sometimes simply because the spark just doesn’t want to jump!

Incidentally, this is one of the reasons why we generally advise against pre-orders and try to give you an initial assessment and purchase decision support for the release with the help of our tests. That helps – but not always.

In the editorial office, we have already talked about some of our bad purchases as part of GameStar TV and various articles:

Also included: Flatout 3, Star Wars Galaxies or Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City, which absolutely disappointed us for a variety of reasons, although we wanted to love them.

You can see from the formats and numbers that many of us have already grabbed the proverbial toilet more than once. Is it the same for you or is every purchase well thought out? We want that with the survey embedded above find out.

Write us your opinion

Just as exciting, if not even more exciting, is of course the question of which games turned out to be bad buys for you and why. That’s why the comment section is just as important as the survey itself. Write and write in there which games disappointed you immensely after you bought them. Of course, not only the what is interesting, but also the how and why.

Why did this game disappoint you and why did you buy it in the first place? Have you made any decisions for the future or maybe made the same mistake again? We are very excited to hear your stories about the topic.

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