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Steam hit Stardew Valley gets an update that lays the foundations for the future – WhatsNew2Day


Stardew Vally continues to enjoy great popularity. A new update should make modding easier in the future.

Got with version 1.5 Stardew Valley A huge update at the end of 2020 that added a lot of content to the Farmers Life simulation. In the post-test, this even provided an upgrade together with the previous patches.

Last year, ConcernedApe already indicated that there would even be a 1.6 update. Now he took to Twitter to assure fans of his games that even here his focus is.

Stardew Valley will get a 1.6. It will mostly contain changes that benefit modders.(…) But there will also be new content, but much less than with 1.5. I’m taking an extra break from Haunted Chocolatier (HC) to work on this. Then it continues with HC.

Concerned Ape

The innovations for modders should do two things. On the one hand, the modding simply become easierand on the other hand should more can be changed by mods. Hobby developers should therefore be able to expand their creations after the release of 1.6, since they can access even more parts of the game code and change them more extensively than ever.

This could be a boon for the already very active community, laying the foundation for a lively future of the title creates.

ConcernedApe`s new game

The new baby from one-man developer, Haunted Chocolatier, mentioned in the tweet, was revealed in 2021 and is all about chocolate making. The player collects resources, produces dozens of varieties of the popular candy and sells them in his own shop.

However, according to ConcernedApe, this should only be the core gameplay loop. There should be a lot that provides variety – Stardew Valley is much more than a simple farming simulation.

Neither Haunted Chocolatier nor the 1.6 update of Stardew Valley 1.6 has a specific release date yet. So it remains to be seen when the apparently aspired future of modding for the long-term hit will be heralded.

Are you still farming, mining, fishing or breeding animals? Or have you put Stardew Valley to the game files long ago? Do you use mods and are therefore particularly excited about the new update? Let us know your best stories and assessment of the future of the title in the comments!

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