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Steam: Can You Identify These 10 RPGs From Their Ratings?


Are you a real RPG connoisseur? With our quiz you can at least get a little closer to the answer. We have 10 Steam reviews of well-known role-playing games (older and newer). Now all you have to do is use the multiple choice questions to guess which of the four suggested games the Steam review belongs to.

Depending on how well you do and whether we manage to get you on the slippery slope, you can either brag about your results at every party or have to go back to role-playing school.

So that the whole thing doesn’t get too difficult, we have selected role-playing games that are not only really good, but also quite well-known. So you don’t have to worry that the review belongs to some indie title that you shouldn’t have read or seen anything about.

If you like this kind of quiz, we have two more of them in stock. One on well-known games and another on the building strategy genre. You can find them here:

If you want to puzzle away from Steam and towards specific games, you are of course in good hands with us. For example, you can put your Anno knowledge to the test and answer 12 trivia questions throughout the history of the development game. And if you like ships and pirates, but don’t know what to do with building strategies, you can win the Monkey Island quiz and prove that you’re a monkey.

Feel free to write us in the comments, how you find this kind of short but (in our opinion) fun pastime and if you wish for more quizzes in this direction from you. We are also happy to accept specific suggestions in the comments. Any kind of feedback on the quiz embedded here is of course also welcome.

But first of all: Scroll up and puzzle along! And depending on the result, catch up on a few role-playing classics!

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